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    How can Canadian hat manufacturers seize opportunities in the consumer sector?

    2018-12-25 17:20:30
    This is an era in the transformation and upgrading of the Internet. The transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises is tantamount to waiting for death. With the changes of the times, people's consumption concepts and habits have undergone tremendous changes. Many people still think that consumption upgrade refers to the pursuit of brand or buy more expensive things, but this is only a shallow level, which is pursued by the previous generation of consumers. The new generation of consumers pay more attention to the driving of emotions, which is based on the classification of self-attributes by users. Know them to find a way to talk to them.

    Understand changes in people and the environment

      First, we must understand the changes in the crowd. After the 1980s and 1990s, it emerged as the mainstream consumer group, and the consumption itself has new demands. The consumers of the previous generation are more concerned with the practicality and cost performance, and the new generation of consumers is completely different. A good quality hat will appeal to consumers' aesthetic standards in order to meet the aesthetic standards of consumers. To make consumers think of more usage scenarios when they see the hat, this is a new opportunity in the consumer field.

    (1) They grew up in a network environment with high-intensity network dependence; (2) These people have not experienced the age of material scarcity, value-sensitive rather than price-sensitive; (3) access to consumer information The channels are also different from the past, and they are becoming more and more scattered and scened.

      These characteristics are the basis for my judgment that the next decade will be the golden age of consumption upgrades. It also means that consumers will be more willing and able to pay for better consumer experiences and products in the future.

      Second, we must understand the current situation of supply and demand. In the past few decades, China has been a processing factory all over the world. In the process, the supply capacity has been greatly improved, and it can provide a good hat product. However, the better hat products have not come to the consumer, resulting in many People go to the United States and Japan to buy similar products. For example, the baseball cap category, on the one hand, the vast majority of the world's high-end baseball caps are manufactured in China, China's productivity is sufficient, but the local high-end brands in the market are blank. On the other hand, with the rise of the fashion trend, the young group has also changed the consumption concept of the hat, and they emphasize their own needs and personal style.

      Since there is no problem at the supply end, this means that there are problems with the channels that reach consumers, such as retail methods and brand building capabilities. This requires hat manufacturers to have the ability to push products to consumers.

    Grasp the resources of the hat industry

      First, look at whether the hat industry resources have been integrated and upgraded. Many industries have been perfected and standardized in the continuous updating over the years, so it does not have the space to be integrated and upgraded.

      Second, see if the resources corresponding to this hat are being integrated and upgraded. Demand and space are two different things. If there is no demand, it is good to live according to the current way.

    Find the fulcrum of the industry

      Finding the right industry is only the beginning. It is the key to find the fulcrum of the integration of the industry. In this process, it is a test of the skill of the entrepreneurs.

    Can not rely on stocks, depends on increments

      An excellent innovative enterprise will not only solve the above problems, but also create incremental growth for the industry.

      It is difficult for the hat manufacturers to renew their own brands in the stock market. It is difficult to grab the cake in the original market stock, and it may only achieve weak growth. However, if we can change the user's consumption behavior, create new consumption scenarios and consumer demand, and bring huge industrial increments, it will not only occupy its own market share in the increment, but also bring about substantial growth, and will also benefit. Other companies in this industry.

      However, the incremental space is not equal to the incremental market. I find that the new independent brand can easily confuse this concept.

      It seems that the market's incremental space is huge, but only if the company revitalizes demand, the incremental space will become a real market share.

    Find the right development path

      The path of development is important in the consumer arena because it is about two issues, what you want to be, where your future living space is.

      The development path can basically be divided into two directions, horizontal development and vertical development. The horizontal development sounds very smooth, but the products made will be somewhat carefully selected by Netease. The brand identification of towels, cups and teas sold by them is very low. Consumers only accept this channel brand strictly. But for hat manufacturers, not only can they not form a barrier to competition, but they will also push themselves to the battlefield without advantages. Longitudinal development is difficult, that is, we are going to be the leading enterprise in the entire industry chain and become the integrator of the industry.

      Of course, you have to read the industry and have the ability to look down on the industry from a height. The industrial chain is actually like a river. Some places are very deep and urgent, and some places are very shallow and gentle. You have to judge where the width is, where it is shallow, and the card position in a relatively shallow place, thus establishing your own industry discourse power and competition barriers.