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Aung Crown Caps & Hats Industrial Ltd. is a professional company integrating the design, manufacture and sale of caps and hats with our own factory founded in 1999 in Guangdong. We specialize in all kinds of caps and hats, as well as some headwear accessories. We can also offer you many other products based on your own design and artwork.
  • How to wear a knitted hat with pants

    How to wear a knitted hat with pants


    The cold wind bursts, not only want to keep warm, but also worry that the styling effect will be greatly reduced, may wish to bring a certain knitted hat, cute and warm. Let's take a look at how the knit hat fits with the pants!

  • The main style of 12 hats

    The main style of 12 hats


    The main style of the hat: cowboy hat: this hat is also known as the western hat, cowboy hat. Other small ones are said to hold about 10 gallons of water. In winter, it is made of leather and felt; in summer, it is made of cloth and grass. The most recent mainstream is the attachment of a ribbon-like cap under the brim.

  • The evolution of hats in China

    The evolution of hats in China


    The hat was invented long before in China. For example, in Chinese idioms, there are "clothes and crowns" and "crowns", and the "crowns" and "skulls" here refer to hats.