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    Quality Control

           1.Quality checked details 


    2.Recommend from alibaba.com


    Test from alibaba gold supplier:

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    Jimmy Li


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      3.Test Report from Reach


    Test Report --REACH 

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    Certificate No.


    Product Name & Model No. 

    Caps & BC001 

    Expiry Date

    20/Aug./2012 --  31/Dec./2049


    Observations /Comments

    Is there quality control on all production


    þYes, all 

    ¨Yes, some


    Do the QA/QC inspectors work                        independently from the production line? 



    Who does the QC/QA Manager/Supervisor report to?

    Vice GM -- Ms. Qiuyan Weng

    How many QA/QC inspectors in total?


    Does the company have a supplier assessment procedure?



    Does the company have an updated list of approved  suppliers?



    Does the company establish and implement a standard procedure for purchasing contract review and         approval?   

    þYes, with written standar procedures                           

    ¨Yes, with written procedure but lack of consistent for purchasing contract review standard And approval?       


    Does the company keep its supplier assessment reports?

    þYes, assessment reports are available for more than 3 years

    ¨Yes, assessment reports are available for the last 1-3 years 

    ¨Yes, assessment reports are available for the previous 12months                                                  


    Are the company’s purchasing documents sufficient to ensure product safety control and their customers’ requirements?  

    þYes, the purchasing document includes all the information required

    ¨Yes, however the purchasing document includes incomplete information


    Is there a procedure to conduct   random product inspections after final packaging?

    þYes, with clear standard and written inspection records

    ¨Yes, with inspection records but no procedures

    ¨Yes, with procedures but no inspection records

    ¨No, inspections are not necessary

        4.Certificates show