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Shenzhen Aung Crown Caps & Hats Industrial Ltd, high quality hat supplier china, established in 1998, is a hearwear company combining with factory and trade.AungCrown focus on designing, producing and selling all kinds of hats and scarves.Presently 80% of our products are far exported to Europe, America, and have enjoyed great reputation from our customers. We have own factory and designer. We have our own brand,such as Streeter,VFACAP. Meanwhile with many famous brands and enterprises to establish a long-term stable relations of cooperation.
  • How to clean the hat

    How to clean the hat


    As the trend is changing every day, the flat cap is already one of the indispensable accessories for the super male super girl. But the problem is coming. There are still many friends who are not clear about the cleaning method of the flat cap. Here to share with you a method of cleaning the flat cap, no need for professional hat care tools, just a few simple steps.

  • How to maintain the hat

    How to maintain the hat


    aungcrown will talk everyone about how to maintain hats in our life. Because the hat is basically not washable, dry cleaning is not recommended. After washing, it will cause deformation, breakage, and discoloration.

  • How to select a baseball cap reasonably?

    How to select a baseball cap reasonably?


    Baseball caps have been developed along with baseball sports. Baseball sports are a kind of ball sports that are characterized by sticking and playing, and are collective and confrontational.