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Shenzhen Aung Crown Caps & Hats Industrial Ltd, high quality hat supplier china, established in 1998, is a hearwear company combining with factory and trade.AungCrown focus on designing, producing and selling all kinds of hats and scarves.Presently 80% of our products are far exported to Europe, America, and have enjoyed great reputation from our customers. We have own factory and designer. We have our own brand,such as Streeter,VFACAP. Meanwhile with many famous brands and enterprises to establish a long-term stable relations of cooperation.
  • What are the materials of the hat

    What are the materials of the hat


    I just always know if you wear hats. Do you know the materials of hats? Do you know what materials you usually wear hats? Blessed are those who are interested in knowing this, because the following aungcrown is here for everyone What are the materials for making hats?

  • Do you know how to buy winter hats?

    Do you know how to buy winter hats?


    When winter is here, everyone has a need to buy hats to keep warm. There are many precautions and tips when buying winter hats. Below is a hatcrown factory aungcrown to make a summary of some winter hat purchases.

  • How to clean your favorite baseball cap

    How to clean your favorite baseball cap


    The baseball cap is the most common of many hat styles, because it is casual and beautiful, and it is very versatile, which is very suitable for daily life. However, there is a problem for daily wear, that is, wearing more and easy to dirty. Dirty will affect the appearance, and secondly, it is not sanitary, so it is necessary to clean the baseball cap regularly. So how should I wash a baseball cap?