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Aung Crown Caps & Hats Industrial Ltd. is a professional company integrating the design, manufacture and sale of caps and hats with our own factory founded in 1999 in Guangdong. We specialize in all kinds of caps and hats, as well as some headwear accessories. We can also offer you many other products based on your own design and artwork.
  • Boy hat matching skills

    Boy hat matching skills


    Buying a high quality hat with your own logo that suits you is actually the most important thing for your face. There are three different face types below, find your own.

  • China's top ten hat manufacturers

    China's top ten hat manufacturers


    The hat industry is said to be a niche industry. In fact, it really enters this circle. You will also find that the water inside is actually quite deep. It is difficult to distinguish the top ten hat manufacturers because each different hat classification There are some categories of their own. Baseball cap factory No. 1 Shenzhen Angguan Cap Co., Ltd.

  • The basic process of hat embroidery process

    The basic process of hat embroidery process


    Through the computer Software design logo, through the embroidery machine in the cloth embroidery out of the pattern, the cloth for some columns of cutting and modification, and so on, and eventually made into a piece with embroidery logo fabric.