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    In hot summer, give you a hat Selection Guide

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-08-02 16:20:27
    Summer always seems like this, full of spicy eyes and sunshine forever. If you want the right way to turn on the sun in the summer, it's not enough to just put on a sunscreen. The witty girl will keep her hat in the cupboard and try new styling while she is on the sunscreen. But how do you choose the right sun hat for each person with a different face? 

    Oval face (heart-shaped face)
    Oval face and heart-shaped face of fairies, what hat can take. As long as you think, you can wear seven hats a week without heavy samples. While wearing a hat, you can choose hair styles at random, shawls hair, ponytail, twist can be braided. 

    square face
    The square face of the people, the cheek width is wide, square jawed, angular. To soften the face for round hat, weaken the square face contour corners feeling. Of course, it's also a good choice to choose materials that are softer and with a sense of sag, such as a hot knit straw hat. 

    Round face 
    Round face, long face, wide ratio, close to 1:1, rounded lines. The solution is to lengthen the facial lines and increase the facial edges and corners. 2/3 is appropriate to show your forehead when wearing a hat. The raised crown hat in the middle is best for lengthening the face lines, and by the way, the height is stretched, too. The Panama cap is the most important.

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