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    What's the best baseball cap for?

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-08-01
    Baseball cap (custom caps in china) is a fashionable fashion that many fashion ladies like to wear. They want to know how to manage hair styles, which is best for baseball caps. What's the best way to wear a baseball cap? 

    Style1, a baseball cap + playful ball head baseball cap is so beautiful, how can miss the ball head fire? The CP combination, not only fashionable of surge, but also let the hair is not goodbye to messy rough, you try it? 

    Style2, a baseball cap (promotion baseball cap china) + elves nifty short hair cut short hair just won't care how to do? Just a baseball cap will be short enough! Don't to ear, don't forget to tidy up the exposed hair into the air to create a sense of feeling playful girl. 

    Style3, a baseball cap with a baseball cap with a long and romantic and bland to save long hair, the most appropriate! Black long straight is elegant, big wave is indeed synonymous with romantic sweet. However, accustomed to the same style of hair, can not help but boring. At this point, with a baseball cap, you have a very different feeling. 

    Style4, baseball cap (baseball cap factory china) + vigor, Mawei pony tail is not only the student sister's patent, high ponytail, youthful, low ponytail, reserved but not vitality. With a cool, cool, full baseball cap, a slow sense of strength. Baseball cap comes with button, also can help horsetail to be better fixed, Yan value is not dropped.