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    Different face, how to choose a suitable hat?

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on :2017-08-03
    According to the characteristics of hat styles can be divided into: beret, baseball caps, Woolen hat, sun hat, hat, cap, peaked cap and so on. So how do you choose so much? Not urgent, according to the face to choose their own hat.

    long face
    The long face is much longer than the width of the face, and the whole face is long. Wearing a pair of hats adjusts the facial proportions. Therefore, the hat is most suitable for the cap which is not too high and can cover the forehead.
    Suitable: peaked cap, fisherman hat, beret, a wide brimmed hat
    Not suitable for: high hat, knitted caps
    For the long face of the people, you can make appropriate use of Liu Hailai occlusion, so that the face does not seem so long.

    Diamond face
    A diamond faced girl with a narrow forehead and wider cheeks and a pointed chin. The outline of the face is similar to the shape of a diamond, or even closer to the diamond. Choose a wide brimmed hat to create a full forehead. Pay attention to the prominent zygomatic part. The diamond face has no obvious flaws other than the cheeks, and there is plenty of room for the choice of hats.
    Suitable for: Fedora, knitted caps, Panama hat
    Not suitable for: baseball cap, peaked cap

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