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    Why Baby Sun Hats Are So Important?

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-08-12

    Summer is coming and kids are headed back to school, but that doesn’t mean the warm weather is going anywhere any time soon. And even when temps do cool down the sun’s rays can be just as strong and we all know exposure to the sun’s radiation can cause a myriad of health issues both in the short- and long-term.

    One of the easiest ways to protect against the sun’s harmful rays is by wearing sun protective hats, beacuse “The most immediate consequence of not protecting a baby against the sun is painful sunburn,” says Bernstein, “but also, premature aging of the skin and skin cancer risk are affected by sun exposure over the lifetime — so even sun exposure to little ones increases their risk of cancer or other skin changes.”

    We enjoy long periods of bright, hot sunshine and love being outdoors while a healthy, fun lifestyle is good; there can be consequences. Wearing protective clothing is, for this reason, important, and hats are an essential part of the overall protective attire.

    At aungcrown, we are proud to provide a selection of sun protection hats specifically made for babies. Part of our selection includes baby sun hats, which are designed to provide the maximum protection from those damaging UV rays. But are they really that important? The short answer is yes!

    Why Buy Baby Sun Hats?

    Watching your baby play under the sun is a wonder sight, so the idea that the sun may harm your child seems unreal to you – and besides Vitamin D from sunlight is important. You may have already applied sunscreen, so it might seem that a baby sun hat is not necessary at all. But there are several reasons why using a hat is important, including:

    1. Infants’ Skin is More at Risk – it’s not just a logical assumption, but a proven scientific fact that babies’ skin is more susceptible to UV rays than older children. In fact, studies have discovered that young children who suffer from sunburn are more likely to develop skin cancer later in life. This is because infants aged six months and younger have very little melanin in their skin, which means they have no natural protection at all.

    2. Sunscreen Does Not Guarantee – babies aged between 6 and 12 months can wear sunscreen – sunscreen is not recommended for babies any younger. But sunscreen is not enough to keep your baby safe. Wearing protective clothing, such as a baby sun hat and sun protective suit, provides the best protection from damaging UV rays, while sunscreen can be applied to the areas left bare, like the hands and cheeks. Apply 30 minutes before going out, and every two hours afterwards. But keep the hat on!

    3. A Practical Solution – buying a baby sun hat is one of the most practical options when protecting your baby from dangerous UV rays. It’s easy to carry around and unlike sunscreen, it is not affected by exertions of the sun – like sweating.

    Choosing a suitable sun hat to fit baby outdoor adventure
    Since the face, ears and neck are three of the most common areas that can develop skin cancer, a high-quality hat is important for all of your outdoor activities. We have broken down what to look for in a hat based on activity so your family can enjoy all your outdoor adventures.

    To stay protected from the sun’s rays, choose a hat with a wide brim to shield the face, neck and ears. A hat that is breathable, water-resistant and stain-resistant such as the aungcrown Hat can see you through almost any warm-weather scenario you may face on the trail. For the children, you’ll also want to look for a hat with kid-friendly features such as the Kids' Hat, which provides a breakaway chinstrap and customizable sizing band that grows with your child.

    Whether at the pool or the beach, there are few things better than enjoying the water on a hot day. Since fun in the water usually translates to more exposed skin, choosing a hat with an extra wide brim along can offer extra protection such as children bucket hats. Check out the adult Beach Hat  or the Kids’ Shoreline Hat from Sunday Afternoons to add some style to your outdoor water adventure while also staying protected.

    Playing at the Park
    As kids head back to school, after-school and weekend trip to playgrounds, parks and farmers markets are some great ways to burn off the extra energy. Stay protected with a baby snapback hat that not only protects against the sun’s rays but also packs away easily so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

    Finally, if you want to know more informations about baby hats, welcome to contact aungcrown and custom the baby hats for your children.