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    Why You Should Definitely Select Custom Embroidered Hats

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-08-10

    Ever wanted a specific logo, phrase, or character on a hat that you couldn’t find anywhere? But you don't know which logo you will like. Maybe the embroidery logo is your best choice. Because time-tested and beautiful, embroidery is definitely an art. Embroidery remains one of the top methods of logo apparel decoration. Embroidery is the art of stitching your design onto the hats using our high tech computerised embroidery machines. The finish is sleek and professional, hard-wearing and durable.

    Custom embroidered hats are just the thing for you.Wearing custom embroidered hats adds a unique element to your look. Whether it’s for business, school, or personal use, these hats are all cool and eye-catching.

    Here are a few reasons why embroidery is important:
    A custom embroidered design is always down to you, you as the customer have full control over the design you want and embroidery is very versatile, it can be done on polo’s, caps, trousers etc. The results of an embroidered design are consistent from piece to piece and the item produced is a high quality item with a perceived high value.

    2. Quality
    A well done embroidered design is always good quality giving off a good impression. It gives you the professional look you require for your work uniforms, team shirts, school uniforms etc. It also gives off a perception that it is high value and has been designed carefully. The thread used has sheen which really helps the colour stand out and catch people’s eye.

    3. Durability
    Last, but certainly not least, embroidery is incredibly durable. We’re proud to source the best products for each job, and that includes the thread we use for embroidery. Designed specifically to resist fraying and fading, the thread we use is made to last. We know how tricky it can be to get things right the first time around, but when you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that this is our goal from the beginning of your project until the moment we hand over your sophisticated, beautiful, durable custom embroidered products. It doesn’t get much better than that.

    As you can see there are a number of reasons why embroidery is important for custom decorated apparel.

    Custom Embroidered Hats are the Future of Personalized Fashion
    Occasions for custom hats
    1. Business Gifting
    You know what's even better for your business than giving your clients chocolate and gift cards? Giving them chocolate and gifts cards with stylish hats that feature your brand logo!
    That way you're always on their mind. They may even like it enough to ask for more! Imagine your clients walking around with your business's logo on their head!

    2. Advertisement
    Speaking of that, creating custom hats can become easy, walking advertisement for your brand. Give them as loyalty gifts to your clients and as recognition gifts to your employees.
    This type of advertising is worlds cheaper than billboards or internet ads. Pretty soon people will see your logo everywhere!

    3. School Spirit
    Tired of just wearing a plain blue hat to your high school's basketball game? Or your child's tennis match? Now you can customize exactly the hat you'd like! We can embroider school colors, logos, and mascots onto cool hats for you and the other parents, or you and your fellow fans. Not to mention you and your teammates. Don't be generic, show your school spirit!

    4. Professionalism
    If a company's employees aren't united in their dress, it just looks amateur. By wearing the same custom design on hats, your employees will appear more professional.
    Show customers that you're a trustworthy, established operation. Showcase your professionalism in your hats.

    At aungcrown, we specialize in custom embroidery and more logo for your hats and clothes, so whether you’re looking for shirts, hats, or something else with a custom flair, we have you covered! And whether you have something particular in mind or you’d like our opinion on what might be best for your specific situation, our team is happy to lend a helping hand.
    We know that what you’re looking for is more than just a custom t-shirt (or jacket or hat or pretty much anything else). Instead, you’re looking for something to help you represent your brand, your organization, or your event. The list goes on and on, and the truth is that we’re always happy to work with new people to help them bring their own unique vision to life. We make it a point to research, experiment, try new things, collaborate with new people, and push ourselves to even higher levels of excellence because we know the value that brings to ourselves and to our clients.
    We would love to hear from you with any questions you might have about custom logo. Contact aungcrown now!