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    The Best Summer Hats For Men 2020

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-08-14

    Hats have cemented themselves as eternally stylish men’s accessories. From baseball caps to bucket hats, fedoras to snapbacks, men’s hats are a versatile, functional, and stylish addition to any look. Not only is a hat a suave way to finish off an outfit, it’s also a versatile, functional men’s accessory that’s appropriate in any season. Sun, snow, rain, sleet…there’s almost nothing Mother Nature can throw at you that won’t be assuaged by the addition of a hat.

    On top of that, hats can finish off any casual, classy, or eclectic ensemble in a simple yet inspired way. Hat styles get as creative as the people who wear them, but these are the basics you need to know to stay shady and cool.To ease the difficulty in choosing, we have put up a list of the best summer hats for men, in terms of style and sun protection.

    Men's bucket hats
    Men's bucket hats are the number one hat style for summer, for a good reason.In addition to the lightweight material, the smart design of bucket hats leave some room on top of your head, increasing the breathing and cooling effect. The brim works as a shield for your eyes against the sun's rays. However, wearing sunglasses on sunny weather is still highly recommended.

    Also, they offer the best protection from the sun while allowing your head to breath. There is nothing worse than getting a headache from the heat that builds up underneath an unbreathing hat. A bucket hat keeps your head cool in the heat of the summer so that you can concentrate on relaxing and having a good time.

    Baseball Cap
    From snapbacks to dad hats, there are so many variations of baseball caps, but you can never go past a classic. Baseball caps started off as simple five-panel caps with adjustable straps and were worn as part of baseball team uniforms. Today, they are as much a fashion item as a piece of sportswear. A favorite of street style stars and celebrities, the baseball cap has graduated to an iconic status because of its simple and cool designs.

    Dad Hat
    While your dorky dad might not seem like someone to take fashion advice from, dad hats are awesome vintage accessories that scream laid-back style. These relaxed baseball caps are usually canvas or cotton with a slightly curved brim. The dad hat also sports an adjustable strapback closure, making it one-size-fits-all. Dad hats make great additions to any sports-luxe ensemble and can be used to add a vintage twist to any casual look.

    Trucker Caps
    Trucker caps are a nice addition to a laid-back look. With the rear half made of mesh, trucker caps are extremely breathable, thus, making them perfect for hot summer weather. Trucker caps originated in the 1960s, as they were handed out for free as promotional merchandise at gas stations in the United States. Today, you can find trucker caps in many stores because they are so popular.

    The snapback shares a few traits with its cousin, but it can be distinguished by its firm flat brim and adjustable back. It’s less forgiving if you have an oddly shaped head, but it’s become irrevocably associated with American streetwear and its global offshoots.

    However, the snapback seems to have taken the backseat to the dad hat over the past year. Despite the new competition, the snapback still resonates in urban music circles and is hugely successful in sportswear.

    Flat Cap
    Popular among celebrities and television characters, flat caps come from humble roots. The flat cap was once typically worn by chimney sweepers and farmers. These stylish pieces of headwear come in wool, tweed or cotton. For extra warmth and comfort, these stiff-brimmed rounded caps are lined. Flat caps look best when paired with a smart casual style for a touch of charm.

    Men's Sports Caps
    A basic, plain sports cap is a piece of headwear every man should have in their hat collection. You should have one even if you're not into sports. The name sports cap just means that the cap is lightweight and breathable, giving you an advantage when doing sports. This is a cap you can wear on the hottest days of the summer.

    Confidence is the key when wearing a hat. A hat is a statement piece, and wearing one requires confidence. Whether you want it or not, the style of your hat tells others a lot about you. People are prejudice when it comes to hats. They can easily form an opinion of you based solely on the hat you're wearing. For example, if you're wearing a fedora, people think of you as a classy person, and if you wear a trucker cap, you generally seem easy-going and chill. You should consider that when choosing the best summer hat for you.

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