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    What kind of hat is popular with girls?

    Claire Aung Crown 2018-12-14 17:17:51
    Hats make fashion style not only in popular fashion and perfect makeup, but also a practical and very popular trick in dressing, which is the combination of face and hat, dress, hairstyle, body shape and skin color. You will find that choosing a pair of stylish hats can also make a very flat match become awkward!
    Hats and faces, people's faces are divided into egg type, fat type, square type and national character type. If a fat-faced person wears a dome hat, it will have a large face and a small cap. If a large cap is used, it is more suitable. The person with the egg-shaped face wears a cap and the face is even bigger and smaller, and it is even thinner. It is more appropriate to use a dome cap. It is relatively easy for people with square and national face shapes to choose a hat. People with short necks should not choose colorful hats. A person with a clear eyebrow and a tall body can choose a hat with a brighter color or a romantic color.
    The high quality hat manufacturer above introduced the matching of hats and faces. Let's take a look at the specific hats that ladies love most.

    There is nothing to go out in the summer, but there is no one to wear a straw hat that is both shaded and sweet. Whether you are a follower of the beach family or a small Japanese-style LOLI, a cute and practical straw hat brings you The "safety" and "cute" are unquestionable.
    The handsome and neutral wind swept through, the retro forward cap style and the punk-style overall dress wanted to touch, and still showed good fashion skills under the impressed trend of the trend, the delicate little girls on weekdays, Want to change your style and experience a cool punk outfit?
    In winter, warmest winter hats are also popular. The types of wool hats are very strange. If you want to know what kinds of wool hats are, you can only think of them. The various wool hats on the market are dazzling, different kinds of The visual effect of the wool hat is completely different.