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    What are the taboos for people wearing hats?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2018-12-12
    Now everyone's life has changed better than before, and it will definitely be different from the previous lifestyle. For example, when you go out, you will be well protected. Wearing a your own hat is very necessary. But when you wear a high quality hat with your own logo, do you not know some taboos? Everyone thinks that people buy hats often overlook an important principle, that is, they must be in harmony with the overall clothing. Therefore, try to wear a hat and also consider whether to match the clothing on the body before standing on the mirror. Let's take a look at the hat manufacturers to introduce:
    1. The value of the hat should match the value of the dress. Clothing is upscale, and hats can't be sloppy. It should be noted that the hat with the texture of the clothing material will give a deep impression, and vice versa, even the clothes will become inferior.
    2, it is best to wear a darker hat when wearing printed clothing. Do not wear a white cap and hat when wearing red or blue clothing, and a blue or red hat can make you stand out.
    3, when wearing a shoulder padded clothes, you should wear a hat with a hat at a certain angle, which will make you look chic, elegant, and extraordinary. However, the flat top is also optional.
    4. The girl with the “Liu Hai” on the forehead can wear the hat backwards, that is, wear it on the back of the head; in addition, the choice of wearing a flat-topped hat has a great charm. Also, the more hats you wear for a long time, the more you don't want to be too wide and bloated.
    5. It is wrong to choose a hat of the same color as the whole body. Either the shoes are commensurate with the nominations and contrast with the hats, or the shoes, bags, and hats are commensurate with the clothes.
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