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    Wardrobe essential: 4 classic men's hat models

    Claire Aung Crown 2018-12-18 12:16:26
    Shading, grooming the face, masking the hairstyle, and getting it in one step, this is the magic of the hat. The decorative and practicality of the hat is highly praised both in history and now. In this autumn and winter, I recommend you four classic hats to warm your winter from the "head"!
    baseball caps with your own logo
    The cap is mostly made of tweed, wool or cotton. Its biggest feature is the stiff and short brim in front. The cap is mostly elliptical or nearly circular, and the front part of the cap is often connected with a snap and a brim, and the Chinese name "duck tongue" is also the result.
    Now more popular is called Ivy cap. Many people also like to call it a cap. In Europe and the United States, there are many caps for the cap: "Golf cap", "Newsboy cap", "Cabbie hat", Fisherman's cap, and even Jay. · Jay Gaspy.
    Trilby Hat
    Not only the men who pursue the details, but many celebrities have discovered the magical effect of the jazz hat. On many important occasions, the hat is used as a secret weapon to save your hair and create a tough and stable image. The jazz hat has a top hat and a top hat. The top hat has a high crown (about 14 to 19 cm), such as the Eaton hat worn by Eaton College students in the UK; the top hat is originally a German male hat, also known as a burger hat. In the end of the Qing Dynasty, the hat was introduced to China. In the early years of the Republic of China, it was often used in ceremonial occasions, so it was called a top hat. China uses traditional craftsmanship to make hats. The wool is first pressed into a felt blank, and then the helmet is burned into a hat tire, which is finished and decorated into a hat. The hats produced by Sheng Xifu are soft, uniform in color and durable, and have been sold all over the world.
    high quality Cowboy hat
    The earliest cowboy hats are made of felt in the Midwestern United States. They are made of felt and can be protected from wind and rain. They are mainly functional. But nowadays, cowboy hats are handsome and wild in the shape of cowboy hats. There are also great changes in the material. Today's cowboy hats are made of thinner materials, such as cotton and linen. The color is not limited to the black or brown color of the impression, but there are more bright colors for spring and summer. With a simple and sleek jacket or casual shirt, it is very rough for men.
    Because the face of the melon face is three-dimensional, the cowboy hat with various color combinations and exaggerated lines can be selected to show personal characteristics. For such face shape, the choice of the hat can be almost arbitrary.

    Panama Hat
    In 1906, when President Roosevelt visited the Panama Canal, he was photographed with a Panama hat. The Panama hat became famous and became a symbol of elegant men in the mid-19th century. If you have the opportunity to go to Mondika, or Morocco, occasionally, you will see some open-street sports cars, and those who used the old sports cars of the 50s and 60s will wear them. In this retro era, Panama is particularly fashionable and styled. On the black and white screen, many old-school stars can't pick up the Panama hat. Humphrey Bogart contributes more than just trenchcoat to the fashion world, and half of the panama hat laughs is a symbolic temptation that is half threatening. When the Panama hat became a classic, it became a non-negligible character on the runway. In 2009, from Giorgio Armani, Hermes, Ralph Lauren to Lacoste, Disel, you can see the figure of a Panamanian straw hat.
    Just as the cheongsam is not worn by the flag, the Panama hat is not a product of Panama. The best is from the small town of Montecris ti. The authentic Panama hat is known for its delicate weaving, soft and delicate texture. It doesn't feel like grass. It looks like thick silk, and the fineness is so close that even the water can't pass.
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