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    The link between the spot hat and the custom hat

    Claire Aung Crown 2018-12-10 17:44:17
    Now everyone goes out and uses a tool that is a hat, whether in winter or summer, everyone will have different hats to wear. Let's take a look at the difference between the hat and the custom hat in the hat factory. Let's take a look:
    Nowadays, there are two types of hat purchases in the market—customized according to requirements and spot purchase. The custom price has a certain period of time. The low cost of spot purchase requires a short period of time. The demander can meet his own requirements and purchase budget. To choose whether to customize and spot purchase.

    Hat customization is a complicated process that requires the approval of both parties to start producing hats. Often the time cost is higher than the value of the hat itself, but the value of the finished hat is also very large, such as an activity promotion hat, which can play a good publicity effect, thereby increasing the sales of the product. Or a brand commemorative event, custom hats play a very meaningful role, allowing everyone to deepen the brand's impression and propaganda, is also a soft and wide implant.
    Spot wholesale The general customer requires a low-cost, short-time procurement model. Often the requirements for hats are not high, or they are all disposable hats, so the use of purchasing hats is very popular, and the price requirements are naturally very low.