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    Empty top hat material empty top hat classification empty top hat selection

    "Empty top Hat" empty top hat material air top hat classification empty top hat choice
    Air Top Cap classification Wide eaves empty cap: The material generally has plastic composition, with anti-ultraviolet, shading function.
    This type of empty cap has the function of both sun caps and sunglasses, suitable for outdoor cycling.
    Short eaves empty top hat: material is generally similar to baseball cap, this kind of empty cap overall simple design, detail eye-catching creativity, inside also have specialized sweat towel texture, generous and free, vigor.
    Choice of empty top hat
    According to body shape: The female body well-proportioned, choose the room of the sun hat is bigger, the body of the stocky woman should choose the light, narrow eaves of the sun hat, the shorter neck of women, should choose narrow eaves of the sun hat, if wearing a broad eaves of the sun cap, will produce a sense of oppression
    According to hairstyle: women with long hair, choose to wear around the broad eaves of the sun hat, the effect of protecting hair from the sun; short hair women, choose wide eaves or narrow eaves of the sun caps, are more appropriate.
    According to the age: young people choose a bright-coloured sun hat, enthusiastic and lively, middle-aged men should highlight the mature and stable age characteristics.
    Empty Top Cap composition
    The overall simple design plus details of the eye-catching creativity, the inside also has a special sweat-absorbent towel texture, generous casual, vibrant.
    Empty top Cap function The wide and oversized color brim can cover the entire face, adjust the brim as needed, and have a solar cap and sunglasses that are ideal for outdoor sports.