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    Super classic hat matching guide

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2018-08-27
    Chanel once said that "the hat(high quality hat supplier china) is the symbol of the beginning of human civilization", she not only gives the hat a new style, but also gives women a new spiritual level. Throughout the fashion world, let us once again see the status of hats in the fashion world.
    According to the British authoritative life information Daily Mail statistics, from the Victorian period to the present 150 years, hats have been the necessary travel equipment for more than 70% of travelers. A small hat can quickly understand the local anecdotes and styles. Come and feel it.
    The loose-fitting soft hat has French romance and elegance. Wearing it has a strong atmosphere, especially with boots or high heels, and then smeared with gorgeous red lips, with a feminine style that can't be said, retro posture. Especially the mushroomy face, the wide-brimmed hat is your gospel~

    The top hat is also a star item, feminine style with a small hat to add British flavor, very stylish
    Which street hipster has not worn a baseball cap? The answer is no! The combination of baseball caps makes the style more street style and very interesting. If the mushrooms are too lazy to take care of their hair and go downstairs to buy something, wearing a baseball cap can also help you to have a decent shape!
    The hat has a narrow and small edge and can be covered very deep. It is a hat of the same style for both men and women. The fisherman's hat does not have a long protruding front edge like a baseball cap, but only a circle of trapezoidal shaded edges. In addition to the common polyester texture, there are now other fisherman hats such as wool.
    The beret is part of the military uniform, similar to the painter's hat(custom caps in china), and extends to the development of fashion trends. The beret is usually worn with a handsome and slightly suffocating look. The combination of wearing a beret generally gives a clever, neat visual beauty, but with a dress, cute and pure, it also gives it more possibilities.