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    Do you know that the dishwasher can also wash baseball caps?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2018-08-21
    Use the dishwasher. The baseball cap(high quality hat supplier china) can be machine washed, but washing it with a washing machine can be harmful. In contrast, the water flow in the dishwasher is mild, but the water temperature must be enough to kill the bacteria on the hat.
    Put the hat on the lower layer of the dishwasher. In a standard size dishwasher, the lower teeth tend to be so thin that the edges of the hat can be snapped in, and the bowl can be caught on the teeth so that the hat does not deform during the washing process.

    Add detergent to the dishwasher. Whether you use a small bag or a liquid, detergent is essential. But don't use laundry detergent. It is preferred to use a milder detergent without any additives or perfume.
    Set the dishwasher to a quick wash mode. Most dishwashers have at least two wash modes: a full wash mode for washing many bowls at once and a fast wash mode that saves time and water. When washing the hat(6 panel snapback cap on sale), you should choose the quick mode to avoid too long soaking time, otherwise the hat will be easily deformed.
    Dry the hat. Do not use the drying function that comes with the dishwasher. Instead, take the hat out, put it in the hat with a dry and clean towel, and then put the hat on another towel to dry it, so that the hat does not dry when it is dry. It is easy to deform.