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    How to choose the right baseball cap

    jason 2018-12-07 17:28:41
    How to choose the right baseball cap
    1, look at the personal wear style
    Baseball caps are more focused on sports style, other styles are also OK, with clothes more casual, and caps with clothes to pay attention to some. In general, pay attention to the uniformity of the color of the clothing will make your baseball cap wear more outstanding.

    2, look at the face
    Wearing a baseball cap will visually shorten the length of the face, so if your face is not long enough, even if it belongs to babyface, then you are advised to try other hats. Babyface wearing a baseball cap can easily give people a head-high, face-like feeling. However, if you are a long-haired girl, you can cover most of your hair at the gang, and then put the cap on the forehead for two-thirds, so that when you wear a baseball cap, it will look cute.
    If you want to say what kind of face is best for a baseball cap, in addition to the wild face and the face of the goose, the long face is also very suitable. The baseball cap can not only modify your face, but also make your face more three-dimensional, and it can effectively age for you, and become a cute girl in a second.
    3, according to the hairstyle
    1, a lot of long hair and waist MM naturally like to let the hair beautifully scattered, wearing a baseball cap is also very suitable, but remember not to put the cap too low, a slightly raised hat will make you Looks more lively and cute;
    2, sports style MM often like to tie high ponytail, high horsetail wearing a baseball cap will make you look energetic;
    3, there are high pony tails, naturally also have low pony tails, MM who are tied with low ponytails are also very suitable for wearing a baseball cap, then you may wish to wear a frog mirror, it will look handsome and handsome;
    4, some cute girls like to tie a double ponytail or double twist, then just tie the two tweezers a little lower, you can also wear a baseball cap, it will make you look pure and charming;
    5, if you think your hair is too long, it is better to put your hair freely, then wear a baseball cap, eye-catching lever!