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    The difference between pure cotton and polyester-cotton snapback caps

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:aungcrown
    • Release on:2019-07-23
    There are many choices for the styles and materials of the snapback caps. The snapback caps made of different types of materials have different overall feelings and functions. Today, professional hat manufacturers come to discuss with you the polyester-cotton and cotton-customized What is the difference between flat caps.
    The main feature of the cotton-made snapback cap is that it feels very good, it is very comfortable to wear, and the sweat-absorbent cotton of the cotton hat is good because the cotton itself has good hygroscopicity. Under normal circumstances, pure cotton can absorb water into the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content is about 8-10%, so you can touch the human scalp more closely, making people feel comfortable and soft, not too hard.

    The polyester-cotton custom flat cap, first of all, is a mixture of polyester and cotton. The advantages of artificial mixed cotton are quick drying, no ironing, strong light resistance and so on. Although polyester cotton has its advantages and benefits, in terms of hat customization, it is better to use the LW44 to customize the flat top cap. Because the polyester flat cotton custom-made flat top cap is not only wicking sweat, but also the feeling of touching it is relatively poor, and it is very simple to static electricity.
    Hats with different fabrics have different benefits. You can choose according to your specific requirements. If you choose a professional hat manufacturer, you can share a lot of hat customization troubles for you!