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    What is the difference between hat woven label and printed logo?

    Claire Aung Crown 2019-07-25 11:52:21
    Hat accessories are a project, including design and production. The production process is divided into various links. The most important part is the selection of materials. The materials are divided into fabrics and other trademarks. Weaving cloth labels and markings are one of the essential components in hat accessories, and their use is also very extensive. The hat accessory tag has the functions of beauty, hat level and auxiliary hat. It is an indispensable part of the hat and has its own characteristics and existence. So, how much do you know about the knowledge of woven labels and printed labels?
    1, the woven label
    The woven label is used to display the hat characteristics or related brands, and generally has the brand's English or LOGO. Mainly divided into two kinds of weaving and trimming. Weaving edge label: When the required trademark is woven out at the same time according to the width, it is called the woven edge trademark. Trimming cloth label: As the name implies, on a special high-speed machine, weaving out like a woven fabric, and then cutting into strips according to the width of the label. Because of the heat-melting properties of polyester, the yarns stick together when cut and do not scatter.

    2, the printing logo
    Ink is relative to the weaving, it is the printed trademark, also known as washing or washing, including the size of the scale or the size and waist mark and the certificate on the hat tag. The role of the mark is to explain the relevant components of the hat, and to explain the washing precautions and methods of the hat. Therefore, it is also called the indicator mark, the note mark, the component mark, the washing mark, the cloth mark, and the bar code mark. The purpose of the mark: in addition to the hat is a large number, in addition to socks, toys, bedding and towels.