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    Do you know the five steps to wearing the wrong hat?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-07-18
    The baseball hat factory elaborates that the baseball cap is a must-have fashion item for summer. It can be used not only for sunshading, but also for lazy savior. If you don't want to put your hair on it, you can go out, but if you wear a baseball cap, you won't go wrong?
    In fact, wearing a baseball cap is also very knowledgeable! The following is for you to organize 5 baseball caps NG Daifa, as long as you avoid these mines, you can make your face look thinner!
    1. Baseball cap is not a savior of flat hair
    Some people are too lazy to organize their hair, just wear a baseball cap and go out, but although the baseball cap can be used to modify the head shape, but can not save other hair exposed outside the hat, it is obvious that the hair is completely unfinished, it seems quite unspirited. .
    Even wearing a baseball cap can't save the exposed flat hair.
    The baseball hat factory explained, but there are still ways to save you at the end of "lazy cancer"! As long as you will tie up the ponytail, you will feel a lot of spirits. You can also catch the ponytail and have a sense of style.
    It doesn't have to be finished with hair and it doesn't look like it's not mental.
    2. Baseball caps must be "dressed and worn"
    The head shape of a girl is usually small. If the tightness is not adjusted or the hat is worn too high, the baseball cap will look too big, but it will not be decorated with a head shape, and it will be top-heavy.
    The baseball cap is too loose and too high, not only can not modify the head shape, but also makes the proportion of the whole body very strange.
    So be sure to adjust the baseball cap to fit your head shape, not too loose or too tight, and the comfort and good looks are more important.
    3. The cap is pressed too low to make the face more round
    If you are a high-headed person, don't think that the lower the cap is pressed, the more you can modify your forehead. If you press it on your eyebrows, it will make your face look bigger and rounder.
    The pressure on the brim is easy to make a face round, and it will cover the five senses.
    Therefore, the baseball hat factory introduced that the position of the brim falling in the middle of the forehead is just right, so that the eyebrows are clearly exposed, not only visually modifying the face shape, but also letting people see your clear facial features!
    The brim is to fall in the middle of the forehead, showing a beautiful face.

    4. Don't put the hair and Liu Haiquan together
    Unless you are a person who is not fat-faced or has a small face, if you receive all your hair, you will look very big. The same is true for putting the hat on the back. If you don't leave some hair for your face, it will not only show your face, but also make your forehead look "a bald."
    Put all your hair in the face to make your face look more fleshy and rounder.
    If you wear a baseball cap, you should leave some hair, otherwise it will look like "bald".
    Therefore, whether you are wearing a baseball cap or wearing it, don't put Liu Haiquan together. If a girl with a middle score and no bangs wants to tie the ponytail, leave some hair.
    The hair can modify the face shape, don't collect the bangs and the hair.
    5. Take a hat and choose to wear clothes.
    Although the baseball cap is very versatile, not all clothes are suitable, because wearing a baseball cap has already reduced the visual effect of the upper body. If you choose a high-necked or covered clavicle, the neck will be very short.
    The clavicle is completely covered and the neck is very short.
    Therefore, you can choose the V-neck, the one-neck collar or the clothes that expose the collarbone. If you must match the cap T, you can choose a style with a slightly lower neckline, which can make the neck have an extension effect, and it will not show a round face.
    The baseball cap can be worn with a low cap T to give the neck an extension.