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    Is the hair cut broken? Wear a hat!

    Claire AungCrown 2018-07-05 16:13:42
    This summer, there is a great deal to be solved. You can choose to wear a hat(high quality hat supplier china) that suits you. You can get out of the street with a concave shape, and block the dirty, messy, greasy, and cut hair, as well as the advantage of a small face. In short, it is a plus for your image! So first pick a hat that suits you! In the early summer, the most common types of hats for the hipsters have the following three categories. Wearing it out is completely different. You can choose according to the style you want and can hold.

    When you bring a baseball cap, you have more personality. With a simple T-shirt shorts out of the street, the street style is full. There are four subdivided baseball caps, Camp Cap, Dad Hat(custom caps in china), fitted cap, and Snapback. There are a few differences in the details, you can find the one that suits you!
    Camp Cap, there won't be a hot feeling on the head. In addition to the brim, the cap is made up of five pieces of cloth, and the stitching between the fabrics can be seen very clearly. But its cap is relatively flat and shallow, not suitable for long-faced wear.

    Dad Hat is the most popular baseball cap style this year. It is wearing a good look and can also modify the face. Summer simple T-shirts with jeans (or shorts) out of the street, and then wearing a baseball cap concave shape is enough! Like canvas shoes, a pedal, white shoes, sports shoes, etc., you can rest assured.

    The advantage of the fisherman's hat(6 panel snapback cap on sale) over other hats is that it is easy to fold and easy to carry, and the trapezoidal hat has the effect of modifying the face. The matching style is also based on casual and comfortable clothing.