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    How to choose and match cotton baseball caps

    Claire AungCrown 2018-07-09 14:27:45
    The cotton baseball caps(high quality hat supplier china) from the United States are now popular all over the world, and they can effectively block UV rays when worn out on weekdays. Choosing a baseball cap must match the overall wearable accessory. So how do you choose and match?

    The price of the baseball cap should match the overall wearable apparel quote. A high-level costume should be matched with a baseball cap similar in character and level. Otherwise, the precious clothes not only failed to get out of the gas field, but also showed the poorness of the hat. The opposite is also true. Cloths and workmanships all show temperament hats. Naturally, they can't be matched with rough jerseys on the street.

    2. Personality match
    The girls should choose the hat that can highlight the temperament by contacting their own body. For example, when the petite girls choose a baseball cap, they should not pick a wide-brimmed hat, which is extraordinarily large, and then affects the overall lengthening effect, which is more petite. You can choose a style with a certain angle of inclination, which is not only characteristic but also visually satisfactory. Especially when mm wants to distribute clothes with shoulder pads, the angled hat can enhance the visual attraction, build a strong impact and enhance the overall distribution of the gas field.

    3. Color distribution
    If the color of the baseball cap(china cap and hat wholesales) is assigned and adjusted, it will add extra points to the overall image. For example, on a sunny summer day, friends wear beautiful costumes, and the fancy sense of the dress makes it impossible to choose a hat that is too fancy when choosing a hat. It is recommended to assign elegant white. In the outing, if you wear blue or red dazzling clothes, friends may also refer to the white hat. The original, although the same is the dazzling color, but may wish to change the allocation of the reference. If the blue clothes are assigned to the blue baseball cap, you will immediately become a dazzling focus.