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    How to wear a hip hop hat, teach you how to match

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:AungCrown
    • Release on:2018-07-04
    Hip-hop is very free, but there are some clear dress codes, such as loose tops and pants, hats, headscarves or fat shoes. Subdivided hip-hop wear can also be divided into several groups, shirts, white jeans, task boots and fisherman hats, hip-hop also has a sense of fashion. On the whole, the United States is the birthplace of hip hop, still wearing the mainstream, and the low-key, minimalist hip-hop(china strap back hats custom) is a niche trend. In the East East New York area, due to mainstream brands, such as sean john, mecca gradually adjust the brand strategy and design style, wear and match more emphasis on exquisite. The beauty of the West is like California's hearty, bright, free, winter hat t (hooded t-shirt), summer t-shirt with pants, but attaches great importance to the graffiti on the clothes, even as a tool to convey the world view. Baseball caps believe that many girls love, because after wearing it, no matter how ordinary you usually will be labeled as "fashionist". So the question is, how do you match a baseball cap? Let's take a look together.

    with the same color:
    This is the easiest and most basic color matching method. The same color refers to a series of shades of the same or similar color, different shades of light and shade produced by brightness changes. The same color combination can achieve dignified, quiet and steady effects, suitable for mature women with elegant temperament. However, it must be noted that when the same color is matched, the difference in brightness between color(plain snapback hat china) and color should be appropriate, the difference is too small, and the too close tones are easily confused with each other, lacking layering; the difference is too large, and the contrast is too strong to easily split the whole. When the same color is matched, it is best to change in three levels: deep, medium and light. The combination of less than three levels is rather monotonous, and too many layers are easy to produce cumbersome and sloppy effects. If the red color is matched with the same color, it can be composed of rose red dress, camel red sweater, dark purple shoes, pomegranate red earrings and light makeup.

    similar color clothing:
    The so-called similar color(custom snapback cheap) refers to the adjacent color of the color circle within about 90 degrees. Such as red and orange, orange red and yellow green, yellow green and green, green and cyan, etc. are similar colors. Similar color clothing has changed a lot, and still can get the overall effect of coordination and uniformity, which is quite popular among women.

    main color costumes:
    This color matching can use a variety of contrasting colors, but to determine a dominant primary color. The main color should be consistent with the whole set of clothing and keynotes. The main color should occupy a large proportion of the area or a more important position in the whole set of clothing. The choice of secondary color should also be consistent with the overall tone of the apparel.