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    How to properly match hats and clothes

    Claire Aung Crown 2020-01-07 16:25:28
    For most girls, in addition to dressing and matching, they also have ulterior motives on some other accessories. Among them, hats are a single item that many people love to use.
    Hats are a very convenient and easy-to-use existence for women. In daily wear, a hat can give you a different temperament, adding a lot of points to your overall wear, there may not be any bright spots, but after wearing a hat, you should have everything. When you have to go out but do n’t wash your hair, a hat can cover all your hair, you can't see anything, and it can hide ugliness to a certain extent.
    Although the hat itself is very practical, there are indeed a lot of people who will increase their face value after wearing the hat, but you have to admit that there are always some people who do n’t look good after wearing the hat, but make your own Temperament has been reduced too much. Xiaobian is one of some people. I believe that everyone is just as envious of those who wear hats. I ’m afraid it ’s not like wearing hats in my life. It ’s really bad. Now! So what are the characteristics of girls who don't look good in hats? Follow Xiaobian to see!
    People with higher ears
    Under normal circumstances, people's ears are basically aligned with their eyebrows, but some people's ears are relatively tall
    So the normal hat may be just right for others, but the editor will just get stuck there, and it will be very easy to fall off, and it will be very easy to drop. There is no other person wearing a hat to look good. You said you forcibly put the hat in Go and put your ears in a panic again, this feeling is really uncomfortable! I believe that many people's ears are as tall as those of Xiaobian. We don't understand others' pain!

    People with larger or smaller heads
    For people with large heads, the most important thing to note in matching is to highlight other parts, thereby shortening the visual impact of the head on everyone. In general dressing, it is rarely on their own heads. A lot of people work hard, if you wear another hat, put it on your head.
    Moreover, in general, the size of the hat is fixed, and it has only one adjustment range. If the size of the head exceeds that range, the embarrassment of not wearing the hat will occur when you wear the hat. Go, there will be an effect that the hat is about to be broken. Do you think it looks good?
    Similarly, people with smaller heads are also fine. If your head is too small, the hat will be larger than your head if you wear it. Even the smallest size is useless. For people with large or small heads, try not to wear a hat in the future.
    People with shorter faces
    Many people may not have thought of this. After we put on the hat, the hat will almost cover the part on our right, your original face is shorter, and the height of the hat is fixed, it is a waste for others, and it may be half for you. Yeah sister! This is really not good-looking, so avoid it in the future!