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    How many do you know about the top button, one of the accessories of the hat?

    Claire Aung Crown 2020-01-03 14:28:57
    Currently, most china cap custom factory use two types of top buttons: metal cap buttons and plastic cap buttons:
    1. Hat metal cap button:
    After covering the cover and the core, fix it to the hat with nails. Previously, the thin cloth used a 1.3CM cap button and the thick cloth used a 1.6CM cap button. It was a separate aluminum, consisting of a bowl-shaped lid, core and nail. Now hat manufacturers will use 1.3CM uniformly. There are two nails, one is two-legged and the other is three-legged. Generally, the three-legged top button will be more stable and strong.
    Suggestions for the molds of the button and the button are provided by our hat manufacturers. Since the top buttons manufactured by different manufacturers may be somewhat different, it is inevitable that they cannot be used universally. If they are mixed, it is likely to cause the top button to become loose or deformed, or even damage the mold.
    The uniform size of the cap button solves the problem of unsuitability of the top button for our custom hat manufacturers. But pay attention to fabrics of different thicknesses, using different specifications of the mold. One thick one, such as pig suede, the other thin, such as 16X10, 16X12, 20X16, 108X58 yarn card, 2X2 canvas, fur less than 10 length, 7X7, 7X10, 10X10 yarn card, 2X3 canvas , Corduroy, denim with more than 10 toes, etc. There are also ultra-thin chemical fiber fabrics, such as peach skin, with a double-layer cloth or a layer of non-woven paper on the back, so that the cap button on the hat is strong and not deformed.

    2. Hat plastic cap button:
    It is different from the metal cap button, but the button core is plastic, and the size is also large or small. The nails of the plastic cap button are metal and plastic, but they are mostly one-legged.
    3. Hat special metal cap button:
    Some hat customizations require top buttons to customize copper top buttons. This type of hat button requires only two parts of the button and the nail, which does not need to be covered, and it can be directly hit. The nail is usually one-legged, and the button face is usually bronze. It can be smooth or pressed with various logo marks. This can be customized according to the customer's requirements.
    Hat customization is of good quality and requires rigorous and careful control of every detail. Professional hat customization is aungcrown.