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    How to match winter hats

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-09-24
    The most colorful item in winter is the hat, as long as you wear a hat that suits you, it is warm and temperamental. The reporter found on the streets of Raocheng that as long as he wears a hat, he can instantly become a hipster. Now I recommend the four most popular hats this winter, and find the hat that suits you best.
    Berets: This winter, berets have been pushed to the top of fashion by fashion designers. It is modern and modern, with an elegant and playful feeling. The French-style elegant bell-shaped hat is highly sought after by fashion people. Whether it's on the way to and from work, or on weekends with friends, you may wish to choose a wool or wool beret to successfully transform into a temperament beauty.
    Knit caps: Knit caps have three major advantages: heightening, tenderness, and warmth! Both boys and girls can wear them. The colors of autumn and winter clothing are mostly dull. I want to create a bright spot for the overall shape. The reporter suggests that you can choose bold and saturated color knit hats, with styles such as hip hop or Korean wave, and you must be eye-catching fashion look.

    Hair ball cap: The hair ball cap is a knitted cap with a hair ball at the top. The wool ball on the top of the wool cap is a must for the age-reducing, the first choice for the cute girl. Some people may think that the knitted hat with the hair ball is too cute, it is the style that the girl will wear, but in fact, as long as the attention is selected, the boy wearing a fur cap can also highlight the temperament of the big boy, which is very suitable for college style dressing.
    Wide-brimmed hats: The wide-brimmed hats that are elegant and handsome are always sought after by fashionistas. If your face is slightly larger, this hat is custom-made for you. It not only covers the imperfect lines of the face, but also can be concave, which is a must-have fashion item in the wardrobe. In terms of color, it is best to choose black, earth color and gray, because it is not versatile, but also keeps you stylish and handsome.