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    For the world hat etiquette, how much do you know?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-09-27
    In the UK, you can see that many social customs are related to hats.
    1. If a male guest visits his friend, he must first remove the hat after he enters the house.
    2. If you go to a relative and friends to go to the banquet, you not only have to take off your hat when you enter the restaurant, but you should also hang up the hat or put it on the chair nearby, instead of putting the hat on the table.
    3. When you meet an acquaintance on the street, if you are a woman, you just need to smile at the person or say hello and sing, but if you are a man, when you meet a female acquaintance, the general situation Also take off your hat and give a gift.
    4. If you need to travel at night, you can use the small side hat. Usually after 6 pm, women should wear a small hat, except for special occasions with special requirements. Don't choose a big hat, a large straw hat, or a hat worn by the Kentucky Horse/Esko horse. These styles are stylish and can be sunscreen, but they are not suitable for eating out at night.
    5. Fashionable exaggerated big hats are suitable for outdoor activities/watching competitions in the afternoon: but make sure your hat doesn't cause trouble to people around you, and try not to block the sight of the audience behind. If you are inconvenienced to the people around you, just take the hat off.
    6. After removing the hat or decoration, you can place it directly on your thigh. If you are standing, you can hold it in front of your body with your hand. When holding the hat with your hand, you should let the outside of the hat go outside. Never let the inside of the hat be placed outside.
    Also note that the hat should be fixed when it is worn on the head. If it's windy weather, you definitely don't want to hold the hat by hand all day long to keep it from flying.

    Regardless of the male hat and hat, the wearing of the hat is very particular about wearing the hat and making it look very decent; the hat is slightly tilted forward, looks very fashionable, the hat is worn awkward, the hat is facing Pressing down, it looks very handsome; the hat is pressed very low, making people look a little melancholy.
    The wearing method of the hat should conform to the norm, and the positive one should not be embarrassed, and the latter should not be biased forward, and should not leave the impression that the dress is not well-dressed. Many men are because the hat is not brought positive, leaving the boss with a bad impression that is difficult to change.
    Watching a movie or drama, in order not to cover the rear line of sight, both men and women should take the initiative to take off their hats.
    In class indoors, even if there is no heating, you should remove the hat to show the appearance.
    Don't forget to wear gloves when wearing a hat. It is not uncommon to wear gloves without a hat, but wearing a hat without gloves is rude in formal social situations.
    (1) Under normal circumstances, you should pay attention to the etiquette of wearing a hat when entering a public place such as a church or a theater. If you need to take off your hat, the place should have a place to store the hat. When taking the hat, don't forget to say to the administrator. Thank you, "or give some tips, thank you for their work.
    (2) Wearing hats in public places, such as train stations, airports, banks, post offices, etc., or in department stores, or in shops, in elevators, or at the entrances or entrances of office buildings, or on streets. Be rude.
    (3) Top hats are also the main accessories for women's clothing, so in the following situations, men need to take off their hats, but women can not take off their hats. Such as entering churches, theaters, banquet venues, residential interiors, cinemas, singing national anthems, lifting flags, funeral ceremonies, etc., men need to take off their hats, the representative pays tribute.
    (4) When being introduced to others or saying goodbye to others, when you say hello to a friend, when you talk to a woman, an elder, or a superior, the man also takes off his hat.
    (5) Apologize to a strange woman, a strange lady thanking you, a stranger apologizing to the lady who is with you, when walking with a friend and meeting a woman he knows, when asking for directions or asking for advice, you can raise a hat or pat a hat Show ceremony.
    (6) For women, wearing a tuxedo is not wearing a hat, even the bride is no exception. Because, the best match for the evening dress, it should be a shiny headgear under the light, not a hat.