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    How to match men's autumn and winter hats

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-09-20
    Winter always comes very early, but it is also good. In such a good weather, we can make a good look for ourselves. Men's clothing is never cumbersome, just to ask for the details can be the ultimate, whether it is a tie, cufflinks, pocket towel or hat, no matter how the style must be the details to win, today we look at one of the key words of the shape change : Hat, how to bring us different autumn and winter.
    Due to the relationship between autumn and winter, wool knitwear has become an indispensable material for each item; wool knit hats are a small match for each type of male, and the wool caps are not subject to any restrictions, as long as they are properly matched with clothing, they will become keywords. How can you match the gods?
    Wool cap
    The choice of mint green echoes the clothing, the leopard print of mint green is fashionable and sexy, and the khaki jacket and part of the feminine, plus the same color wool cap and sunglasses, is also full of masculine taste.
    The felt material of the foreign gas is full of extravagance, the overall round design, fashionable and elegant, as a formal hat, suitable for all occasions.
    Round felt hat
    The formal suit three-piece suit always feels a bit dull. I feel that something is missing. Pick up the round felt hat on hand and reflect the sense of detail. The front section reveals the front bangs and highlights the British temperament.
    Fur is also a hot item in autumn and winter, but now the quality of the imitation is very good, you can choose the imitation, the leather jacket, with a hat and sunglasses, the street style highlights.
    As a matching item, straw is lacking practical practicality in autumn and winter, but it can be used as a highlight in autumn and winter.
    Simple straw hat
    The choice of dark coffee color, echoing with the selected coat, the matching of the transition color, also makes the overall hat have a sense of design and fashion.
    Dark blue windbreaker with a simple white shirt, simple matching, windbreaker draped over the body, quite stylish, with a straw hat to highlight the fashion sense.
    The source of the topper itself is also from the European court. Felt, woolen or velvet are expensive materials. Choosing good materials can determine good quality; retro hats have the same requirements.

    Vintage top hat
    The velvet material makes it have a retro and elegant texture, with a court-like suit, and it is imposing.
    The choice of materials for light-colored felts, although there is no consistent color matching with the suits worn, but because of the color selection is in place, the dark-colored one has a hat and weakens.
    Beret has a long history, from the military standard to the fashion man must have experienced and witnessed countless history; beret is also a symbol of men, if you have a Baby Face, and hope to be masculine, may wish Wear a loose cotton beret with a choice of fancy.
    Loose beret
    Such a white face, can not help but also think of the word "mother", and with a messy Paisley pattern scarf, with a black loose beret, you can add masculine temperament.
    Although you have a beard, you can't help but a little Baby Face. In this society that looks at the face, if you don't want others to see you too lightly, you still need some kind of matching. If you want to wear a lattice, then come to a beret. .
    The woolen brings you warmth, and the pattern brings a sense of style. When these two textures collide on a beret, an interesting chemical change occurs, which makes you look more elegant, even if you are scum Come to a hat like this, it will be refined.
    Tattooed woolen beret
    The turtleneck is a good choice. The grey collarless jacket is a fashionable piece, but if you add the same color woolen beret, you will get to the next level.
    The same men's suit standard three-piece suit, although with a pocket towel also has an envelope bag, has been fashionable and elegant, but most of the boys are currently such a basic mix, in order to pick out, you need a more pattern of woolen Bailey cap.