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    How to choose a hat for your baby?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on :2019-10-14
    We all know that the baby's body fracture is very fragile, so in order to better protect your baby's health. Will definitely give the baby a certain hat, but we must pay more attention to the hat when we are on the body. When giving the baby a hat, the aungcrown hat factory suggests that the mothers must pay attention to some problems, do not continue to wear the hat wrongly way.
    Although there are a wide variety of hats, it is possible to choose different styles of hats depending on the seasons, but children do not have to go out and need to wear a hat. If it is in the spring season, the sun can also provide a nutrient for the baby that is vitamin D, but also help the baby to prevent rickets. In addition, the sun can also be sterilized and disinfected. Infants and young children can get more exposure to sunlight, and can improve their own immunity. They can also improve their ability to resist diseases. If the baby with low immunity is likely to be infected with some infectious diseases, if immunity High babies can also prevent the infection of these diseases. It is judged according to the season, climate and time.

    In addition, aungcrown suggested that the hat as a baby's close-fitting clothes can not be placed on others or worn by others. Because there are many head and face or skin diseases that can be cross-infected between the hats. In this way, for some babies, the sebum secretion is relatively strong, so the hat mother must wash frequently, and it is necessary to keep the hat clean.