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    How to match a knit hat

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-10-17
    Knit caps are a type of hat that is suitable for people of all ages who are commonly used in cold weather. The hat material is made of wool and knitted, hence the name knit hat. For cold winters, hats are an essential warmth. Especially for friends in the north, how can the northerly wind make the ears and heads less cold? Of course it is a knit hat! However, the matching of the knit caps is also learned. There are different ways to wear knit caps for different face types, and different styles can be used to form different styles. Let's take a look at the matching knowledge of knit hats!
    First, how to wear a boy's knitted hat
    1, round face type
    The face has a round and square shape, and the preferred preference is not suitable for a round face, but there are still ways to remedy it. The handsome face with a rounded face is more suitable for wearing a thicker knitted hat and the remedy of the shape of the hat itself. When wearing it, you can cover the part of the temple and 2/3 ears slightly, then pull the top of the cap to create a visually extended feeling. Your face will of course have a narrower effect!
    Tips: The perfect distance between the cap and the hairline is 3-4 cm. People with short or low foreheads can lengthen the face.
    The choice of the color of the knit hat is recommended to be four colors of black, gray, white and dark blue. If you want to bring a design pattern, you can use simple or geometric lines!
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    2, long face type
    Face length is shorter than face shape. Don't pull it up when wearing a hat. This will only make your face look longer, pull the visual sense back, and pull the end of the hat down, showing the micro hanging on the back of the head.
    In addition to the lower end of the hat, there is also a wearing method, the ear-covering method is more suitable for the long-faced handsome pot. In the European and American handsome men, the long face is not lacking, and the ear-covering method is one of their favorite wearing methods. I feel that this kind of wearing a handsome guy!
    Tips: In any case, be sure to expose a 1-2 cm hair area, or a horn/beard, don't become an old man.

    Second, how to match girls' knit hats
    1, knit hat with short jacket
    Winter is so cold, of course, you need a hat to keep your head warm, and a knit hat is your best choice. Wearing a knit hat can not only modify your face to show a small face. After pairing with the cool jacket, there is a sense of style. The tough and handsome jacket is matched with the soft knit hat. It can be said that it is a fashionable and fashionable combination of winter. No matter what color you can match, wearing a knit hat instantly neutralizes the toughness of the jacket and adds a touch of soft femininity. A black jacket like this, wearing a pair of casual jeans and ankle boots, wearing a navy blue knit hat on the top, neutralizing the feeling of being too neutral, adding a soft feminine feel, while still very casual Fashion.
    In the cold winter, rich and bright colors can break the gloom of winter, making people feel less dead, so a bright and fashionable knit hat can bring about a role. When you wear a lemon-yellow knit hat, wear a cool handsome jacket, a green trousers on the lower body, and double black boots on your feet, so that your return rate is 100%, it is tall and confident.
    2, knitted hat with coat
    Winter coats must be an indispensable item in every sister's wardrobe. The maturity of the coat is matched with the fresh literary style of the knit hat, making your wear more attractive. In the winter, bright colors can break the winter's depression, so you can choose the same color hat and coat, so the match is definitely not a mistake, but also makes your overall look very harmonious. Like a dark yellow coat on the picture, wearing a high-neck sweater, wearing a khaki slacks on the lower body, wearing a camel-colored knit hat, wearing a pair of small white shoes, the overall color is compared It has always been simple, casual and casual, and it has made the hat an eye-catching styling.
    In the autumn and winter seasons, many women's coats should be black and gray, so that the hats can be matched with the same color in order to make the overall shape consistent. For example, the hipsters on the map chose a certain black knit hat to match the black coat, and the lower body is also black to wear. Although the overall color is low-key and deep, the shape is full and full of sense of atmosphere.
    3, knitted hat with lamb coat
    There is no bloated feeling of down jacket, no luxury of fur, easy to wear a casual casual style, non-lamb wool coat is none other than. The lambskin coat is a cute and cute one, which can create a soft and cute girl's feeling, and can bring a cool and handsome street feeling. Such a jacket with a knit hat can be said to be more warm and full. Because the lamb coat itself looks very warm, with a knit hat to bring a full winter feeling. Such a brown lamb coat, lapels with lining of lambskin inside, super warm, with a slim trousers on the lower body, a white knit cap on the body, wearing a pair of booties, while keeping warm Stylish.
    In the autumn and winter season, wearing a knit hat can bring unparalleled warmth. It can handle all styles without being as small as a baseball cap and a beret. A jacket with a lamb's hair like this, the medium-length version is very good for temperature, with a yellow sweater inside, a pair of casual jeans and a pair of black leather shoes with a light blue knit. The hat, the whole person’s breath feels a lot gentler.