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    Do you know the five major uses of baseball caps?

    Claire Aung Crown 2019-10-09 16:33:49
    Do you know the five major uses of baseball caps?
    Baseball caps have been developed along with baseball sports. Baseball sports are a kind of ball sports that are characterized by sticking and playing, and are collective and confrontational. It is widely carried out internationally and has a great influence. It is known as the "combination of competition and wisdom." It is especially popular in the United States and Japan and is known as the "national ball." Because of the influence of baseball, baseball caps have also prospered with the development of baseball. According to years of research by experts in the United States, baseball is derived from British cricket (Cricket is also called Rounder).
    The role of the baseball cap:
    1, shading. Baseball caps play a role in shading when the baseball player is facing the sun because of the problem of the venue and time.

    2, the hair. The baseball cap can prevent the athlete's hair from being constrained by mistakes caused by excessive long hair during the game.
    Keep warm
    3, baseball players in the winter or colder season, baseball caps can play a role in ensuring the warmth of the head
    4. Protection. A baseball cap can be used as a means to prevent small items from falling into the hair, such as sand during a baseball game.
    5, decoration. With the development of baseball caps, the above four items as the most basic functional features of baseball caps have not met the needs of modern people. Nowadays, baseball caps are becoming more and more fashionable and can be used as a kind of decorative items.