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    Classification of custom linings for hats

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-12-24
    Interlining is a structure common to hats. It is used for the bonding of the first two pieces of hats. There are many types of interlinings available when customizing hats. Resin lining, fine cloth lining, Oxford lining, nylon mesh lining, etc. Type of interlining. The following is a professional hat custom hat Shijia to let you know about various types of interlining, if you are interested, look down.
    1.Resin lining:
    Because it was first produced in Shandong, Shandong lining was also added. It is one of the most commonly used types of interlinings, with different density in black and white. Most of the resin linings currently used in the market for hat customization are produced in Qingdao, Shanghai, and Quanzhou.
    2. Fine cloth lining:
    The density is the same as the resin lining. There are high and low density. The color is also divided into black and white. The material is divided into cotton and polyester-cotton. Fine cloth lining is more used on clothes than custom, and of course hats are also used on customization.
    3. Oxford lining:
    The density of the Oxford lining is not high, but the elasticity is good, the setting is durable, and the color is usually only white. Oxford linings are generally used for higher-end hat customization, such as wool-nitrile series or hats made of stretch fabrics. Hat Shijia's hats are custom made with Oxford linings.
    4. Nylon mesh lining:
    Nylon mesh lining is more suitable for chemical fiber fabrics, nylon fabric hat customization, color classification is more, hat customization can be selected according to the color of the fabric.
    Other types of interlinings include non-woven interlinings, interlinings made of other fabrics, and so on.

    When customizing the hat, you must pay attention to the temperature when bonding the interlining. The melting point of the glue on different interlinings will be different. If the temperature is too low, the sol will not be sticky or sticky if it is not thorough; if the temperature is high, it will easily yellow or shrink. Generally, it is best to use special bonding equipment to bond the entire cloth for the bonding of the interlining cloth, and then when sanctioning the sheets, this can ensure the quality of interlining cloth bonding. If it is the method of using iron bonding after cutting the cloth, it is easy to appear a series of problems such as uneven bonding, yellowing, shrinkage, foaming, etc. of the interlining. Of course, these are the problems of custom hat manufacturers. Therefore, when you choose a custom hat manufacturer, you must choose a professional, good technology, such as aungcrown, a professional and reliable large manufacturers.