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    Autumn and winter hat clever collocation Modify the lovely face

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on:2015-01-28

    Autumn and winter hat clever collocation Modify the lovely face


      The very practical thing for matching Face with hat in winter for MM people is how to wear a hat, they also can fully decorate not perfect face shape, easy to show an enviable melon seeds face shape As long as have this simple sheet is tasted, can add many star quality for their modelling anytime and anywhere.


      Small make up comment on: most decorative hat-flora cap, which can make good feeling of beauty and like stars, but it will take a lot of time, better wear a feminine shirt or t-shirt inside. 


      Small make up comment on: no hair showing of cap wear method is suitable for delicate girls.if you don't have confidence, you can use curl to shade, which looks great!



      Small make up comment on: roof live ears warm knitted cap, often can have unexpected warm effect. This style is especially suitable for women who face is wide, natural building small&sharped face.



      The modelling of small make up comment on: the red Christmas hat, very lovely On the head with a ball is lovely MM favorite! Let alone more knitting hat indeed warmth retention property first.


      Small make up comment on: the girl when choosing sunbonnet, can choose the style of the design is relatively simple, too complicated style instead have side effects, it is best to a head of curls baseball cap collocation, can make more leisure dress up a little woman flavor.