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    Latest autumn and winter scarves and hats with various law

    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on:2015-02-02

    Every autumn and winter, the scarf would debut. This fall and winter scarves and hats of all kinds with the law, you might fall and winter hat and scarf with autumn and winter hat scarf but how much do you know? Let me teach you the following four kinds of fashion style with a way to let you wear the color to wear clothing range.


    Comments: Tights, skirts package hip, short jackets, scarves, do not think the same color coat and scarf with no resistance, the beauty with black leather with a black knit scarf, abnormal results avant-garde, looks really cool!

    Comments: The role of large scarf really matters a lot, in addition to a concave shape, warm, there is little effect of modified face for it. Section of the scarf wound, leaving another section, with a dark blue coat, high-heeled boots, there is a bright spot in the whole shape is enough, all the other simple.

    Comments: As shown, a patterned scarf also can match patterned jacket, pants but do not be too ostentatious, and try to choose neutral colors with a bunt, reduce heaviness, upper note color pattern matching is OK .


    Comments: Complicated layering very elegant outfit skills Oh, leather and plaid shirt with a scarf manufacturing layering, as long as a good grasp of the use of color, it will be very fashionable.