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    Choose the right cap! People like peach flower just like hair to silk!

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on :2014-12-12

    Keyword: Cap, Beret cap, Baseball cap, Straw hat


    Part 1: Nice cap want nice hair!

    Wide brim straw hat

    This kind of straw hat along the wide and big, with flowers decorated hats, is both beautiful and fashion, of course also comes with a little sweet pastoral style.So the collocation of this kind of hat must be erected at random two braids.Both sweet and atmospheric girl, will have the right hairstyle with the right hat, and produce a kind of lovable sweet feeling.Crucially, this kind of hat SPF for hundred!


    Baseball cap

    If you have a big head screw roll hair, then with a baseball cap!Baseball cap, the dynamic can shed gentle and lovely woman flavour, let you become more lively.Whether you're straight hair or curly hair, as long as the hair bundle high, baseball caps also is right choice. Shuffling hairdo can always show a little sexy woman.



    Super wide along the sun hat

    Super wide along the sun hat is soft and feminine charm, gradually a woman flavour.If such a hat with a vertical hair beauty, send out the full taste of pure clean.(article content from "wear by the way, you're limited edition")


    Cane fisherman hat

    Every season there are a different colour and lustre of the cane makes up the fisherman hat quietly bloom in fashion, so don't think it will be out of date.If you have the hair end of micro volume air are long hair, you should choose this kind of style of hat.In addition, also suit to wear short hair girl, but a hat before, should make their own hair tied a small plait.


    Curved baseball cap

    This seems to be 40 to 50 s of the last century the most value symbol, the trend of nowadays is still in fashion is wanton.The magic of it is that is always accessible to improve any a woman's temperament.So, if you always feel out of style, might as well choose a new season popular cap.Slightly inside the buckle in long hair, delicate and also with a little cruel flavour restoring ancient ways, the most suitable match the cap.In addition, dear, you always keep the neat bang, comb like a pretty small plait, cap will you makeup dot cruel flavour is dye-in-the-wood.


    Restore ancient ways small hat

    If you like her hair into a slightly loose bun, and want to wear a suitable hat, British style restoring ancient ways small hat can not only satisfy your desire, can makeup dot your beauty.


    Small straw hat

    Comfortable small straw hat, is the first choice for summer travel.Like to dye the hair color to choose different color girl, this kind of hat can be worn scenery out of the door.


    Nice cap reflects beauty

    A hat can not only covers the flaw, but also had a pretty face being more attractive.


    5 panel hat

    To recommend a hat for frame beauty, must be pianpian cap, which cap hat along the thin face look better.If you think your face is too sharp or angular, you can wear on the head upright to make the face look fuller. Person with very thin Face, should choose the way of wearing and horizontal Angle will make your face appear broad. In addition, soft lines wide-brim hats can ease the face sharp outline, adding round, insufficient effective modification;Soft pink, beige, can foil the facial skin more luster.


    Long Face

    Have your hat baseball cap always lets a person cannot see in cap eyes and forehead, whether it is a more wide forehead how long a person, can be your hat occlusions, wrong visual effect and the barrier effect can effectively reduce the sudden move of face, and then modify the face contour.In addition, looked round crown to shorten a long face on the vision, moderate facial lines running, is fruity and delicate face, lift the face beauty.


    Square face

    Smooth lines and the dome of the hat round to the face, deserve to go up to buckle in long hair, improve the hale outline of the face and lines, make facial outline more downy.In addition, the flank have two ears wool ball cap, and volume within the cheeks of long hair, can effectively keep out protruding lower jaw bone.


    Round face

    Brim valgus, texture starched wide brim hat, put on a beautiful young woman’s face with too round head. Hale line, can effectively eliminate the feeling of the face is too round, and stretch facial lines of visual effect.


    Tips for nice cap

    1.Brim of the color of the need to match color of skin, yellow skin will not choose to have yellow brim hat.

    2.Hat material must not be the same as the clothes, wearing a fur clothing, for example, don't in order to select cortex with clothes take tone and hat, it will only lead to fashion disaster, because is not necessarily a good collocation is perfect dress up.Leather with a knitting roundlet cap or a lovely newsboy cap, the effect will be better.

    3.At a dinner or awards ceremony activities, don't to highlight personality, wearing a baseball cap or a motorcycle cap, it will make your dress looks very lax casually, easy temperament.

    4.Choose a male flavour which is dye-in-the-wood fedora hat, doesn't mean you have to give up bright makeup and those dazzling jewelry.In fact, with a woman flavour is dye-in-the-wood dress up to go with a masculine hat, will make you more sexy.