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    Winter hat make a little face

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on :2014-12-11

      There are many ways to dress up with boyish style, looks young and lovely. To look boyish, accessories like hats play an important role on it. Want a delicate face? Why not wear a hat!

      Beanie hats matches the same color scarf will looks as lovely as little girls. The British style beanie hat looks so cute! For girls who have big faces, this hat is perfect for them to make their faces look smaller by laying down their long hair.

      The cowboy hat from western America looks snubby and has two hollows on the brim when you take the hat. This hat makes hair closer to face, which makes faces look samller.

      A hat that can cover ears has great effect on keeping warm. It suits best for girls who have wide faces.

      Hats with brims is a popular style, which makes big faces smaller for girls who have long hair

      It looks very sweet to put a small flower on hats. Choose a hat made of plain woolen yarn, if match a pair of creative earrings will looks neat but not dull.

      Paper boy often wears this kind of hat, which has small round brim made of soft material. It looks cute and boyish.


      For such half-long hair together with formal also casual hat made of cony hair will make you right on any occasions.

      The flocking hat looks cute and fashionable for neutral girls. It will make you look capable and experienced, fresh and cool no matter your hair is long or short.