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    Best sun hat styles for women in 2021

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-07-19
    Whether you're basking in the long days of summer at home or jetting off to a faraway sun-filled paradise, a fabulous sun hat is a must for every woman.

    From classic floppy hats and dramatic wide-brim beach hats to face-saving fedoras and even an updated bucket hat, there are plenty of covetable styles that will keep you safe from the sun's harmful UV rays.

    Womens Sun Hat Checklist
    Your beach bags are packed, the water bottles are chilled, and the sunblock has been applied. Now what? It's time to pick the perfect beach sun hat. But before you do, find out exactly what to look for when selecting the best womens sun hat.

    Wide Brim
    Go big or go home. When it comes to sun hats, wide brims are best because they offer an ideal amount of sun protection not only for your face and eyes, but for areas that are often overlooked, including your ears and neck.

    A wide-brim hat is one that measures 3 inches or more, and the great news is that wide brims come in all silhouettes including floppy sun hats, safari hats, Panama hats, and fedoras.

    Breathable Fabric
    Breathe in, breathe out. It's not just a mantra during yoga class, it's a good motto to keep in mind when shopping for a sun hat.

    Straw hats and those made from other natural fibers such as cotton and linen are ideal, as are those made from synthetic fabrics specifically designed for breathability.

    And while not required, a hat made with sun protection fabric (UPF) is something to add to your wishlist — a UPF50 rating is a smart way to help shield against the dangers of skin cancer.

    What good is a sun hat if you can't take it with you? A packable sun hat (aka crushable hat) is one that can be crushed, smashed, or otherwise knocked around and still spring back into shape. Whether you're stuffing it in your tote bags, throwing it in a suitcase, or folding it with your beach towel, a packable hat is a must.

    Look for sun hats that can be adjusted with features such as Velcro, chin cords, chin straps, and inner drawstrings to help you get the right fit. After all, a sun hat won't do you any good if it doesn't stay on your head.

    The Baseball Cap
    While baseball caps used to be associated with sports, this style of hat has turned into quite the fashionable accessory, and are actually right on trend for this season.

    There are several different styles of baseball caps out there, such as:
    The Snapback – features six panels, a flat peak and plenty of structure, as well as a snap closure at the back. These are true classics when it comes to baseball caps

    The Dad Cap – a great style to go for if you are new to baseball caps, as their curved peak and unstructured body are easy to style with a variety of outfits

    The Five Panel Cap – originating from performance cycling, this style features a rounded shape and five panels

    The Sports Cap – while all baseball caps used to be sports caps, the dedicated sport versions now feature lightweight fabrics and high-tech manufacturing techniques

    The Luxury Cap – the fashion world has had quite a bit of involvement in this style, with quality, textured materials and patterns making the baseball cap incredibly stylish

    Like the idea of a luxury baseball cap?

    Even though they may still be casual in shape, their luxury fabrics and design details can really elevate an outfit. Look for one that has been crafted from wool or suede for an extra touch of class.

    If you need some inspiration, here are a few designers that have produced their own versions of a baseball cap:

    Just about any way you like. While baseball caps were traditionally only worn with casual outfits, they are now being styled in so many different ways, even as an accompaniment to a business suit. While you may not want to take it quite that far, try topping off your next outfit with a baseball cap and see how it makes a difference.

    The Bucket Hat
    Bucket hats are exactly what they sound like – hats that are shaped in a similar way to a bucket.

    They are also known as fisherman’s hats, due to the fact that they were traditionally worn by fishermen.

    Bucket hats are soft and unstructured, with a flexible, moderately-wide brim, making them quite versatile. They are also a hat that is popular when travelling, thanks to the way in which they can easily fold up into a small bag.

    When it comes to fabrics…

    Bucket hats usually come in cotton or a cotton blend, but are sometimes coated or mixed with polyester to ensure that they are water resistant.

    Tempted by some of the trendier fabrics out there?

    These are great when it comes to fashion, but make sure that you keep the time of the year in mind. Bucket hats are better suited to the summer months, meaning heavier and thicker fabrics will only have your head overheating.

    Wondering what to wear with your bucket hat?

    Being a casual hat, they work best with casual outfits. For some added attitude, try incorporating a few street style elements into your look.

    When it comes to wearing hats, people usually either love them or hate them.

    If you have never really been one to wear hats, don’t be afraid to give this accessory a try. Not only can a hat add such a stylish element to your outfit, but it can be extremely functional too, both in the summer as well as in the winter.