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    How To Choose Women Summer Shirts

    • Author:Aung Crown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-07-14
    As summer rolls around, it’s important to focus on creating a wardrobe that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the hotter months. During the summer, sleeveless tops are staple tops for women that spends a lot of time outside. With the freedom a sleeveless shirt gives you, they are oftentimes the most efficient way to beat the summer heat.  Before you settle for just any sleeveless top, you have to consider which type is best for you.

    When incorporating classic tees into your capsule wardrobe, you need to choose wisely!
    Always choose quality items that you can wear in the most situations.
    Avoid prints with logos or graphics.
    Pay attention to how the shirt falls on your body.
    Test out which neck style feels more flattering to you. I know V-necks don’t do it for me so I stick to round-neck styles instead.
    Consider the sleeve length and where it falls on your arm. With a petite frame, I feel dated with an overly long sleeve but love a cap sleeve that elongates my arms.
    Wear the right bra…size! A t-shirt bra is great for a smooth look but having the right support is more more important than being seamless. If you’re not being lifted (comfortably), then you’re probably wearing the wrong size. A droopy bust can equate to a sloppy look no matter how pretty your top.
    Choose the right fabrics! Avoid bulky clothing and you can fit up to seven tops in just one of these packing cubes!

    Types of Women's T-shirts
    Women's T-shirts come in many styles, fits, and fabrics. Since these will vary depending on your outfit choice, occasion, or seasonality, it's a good idea to bring a least a few different tees into your wardrobe rotation.

    It has roots in seafaring, hence the name and the more functional, fitted neckline. Wear it as a base layer under button-downs and sweaters, or tucked into something more glam, like a pleated midi skirt or palazzo pants.

    These generally have the same effect as a scoop-neck. More modest cuts layer beautifully beneath blazers and cardigans, while the deepest Vs can be a great way to show off a cute bralette.

    Cool and effortless, short sleeves suit every figure. Dress one up with a midi skirt or go classic with your favorite straight-leg jeans.

    A layering favorite for cooler seasons. Be sure that the sleeves don't extend much past the wrists, otherwise they'll get dirty and damaged fairly quickly.

    When choosing a tshirt, you should take your intended use into consideration. Is it for lounging? Working out? Date night? You'll want different fabrics for different moments.

    A summer vacation must-have thanks to its ultra-lightweight fabrication. Its magic is in the fact that it's crazy absorbent, but dries quickly. Save it for the destination instead of the journey since it wrinkles easily.

    This continually evolving textile is great for exercise as it wicks sweat and maintains shape when stretched. More and more brands are developing recycled versions to offset its inability to biodegrade.

    Tencel or Lyocell
    Durable and breathable, these eco-friendly fabrics are some of fashion's most sustainable. Like linen, they can wrinkle easily, so keep a steamer on hand.

    Lycra or Spandex
    Stretch, stretch, and more stretch. Need we say more? (Although, we do also love how this textile holds up to repeated washing in both everyday and workout clothes.)

    How to care for cotton T-shirts
    The women's T-shirt is a go-to, and you'll want yours to last as long as possible. Because tees are commonly made from cotton, we compiled a list of simple instructions for prolonging the lifespan of your faves:

    tips on how to care for cotton t-shirts
    1. Wash sparingly
    Washing takes a toll on natural fibers over time. Doing so only when it's expressly needed slows the aging process and reduces your carbon footprint by conserving water and energy.

    2. Sort your laundry
    Sorting your garments prevents dulling, greying, and color transfer. White T-shirts will stay fresh and maintain their crispness when placed together, while graphic tees and colored clothing will remain vibrant.

    3. Use cold water
    Washing your clothing at low temps reduces your environmental impact while preventing shrinkage and yellowish stains caused by deodorant and sweat.

    4. Wash inside-out
    If your T-shirt features a cool screenprint or embellishments, turn it inside-out to safeguard against damage and snags in the washing machine. This also prevents the natural cotton fibers from fuzziness and pilling.

    5. Air-dry
    Skip the tumble dryer and hang your T-shirt to reduce the risk of shrinkage. Just be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent colors from fading.

    6. Treat stains immediately
    Portable tools like wipes and detergent pens are godsends when you're out and about and find yourself in a stain-related emergency. Check out our comprehensive guide to keeping your white clothes white.