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    sweater hoodies custom factory china gives you the best March 8 women's day gift

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-03-08
    Hey, friend, this is AungCrown,sweater hoodies custom factory china, Have you noticed that so many pink roses and gifts?I believe the answer is yes, because today is the international working women's day. the pink rose is our gifts. But about March 8 international women's day, Do you know the origin?
    As everyone know, March 8 is the international working women's day, also known as March 8 women's day, March 8, women's day, March 8 international women's day.It is a day for women around the world to strive for peace, equality and development.
    On March 8, 1909, women workers in Chicago, Illinois, USA held a large-scale strike and demonstration for equal rights and freedom and finally won the victory.Women's day was first observed in 1911 in many countries. Since then, the commemoration of "38" women's day activities gradually expanded to the world. In December 1949, the state council of the central people's government set March 8 every year as women's day. In 1977, the United Nations general assembly officially designated March 8 as the United Nations day for women's rights and international day of peace.

    I believe in seeing here, in addition to the most beautiful roses and so many gifts, you must have seen the man with plain embroidery logo white sweater hoodies. Yes, he is Daniel(about his more information,pls click sweater hoodies custom factory china), one of the best sales team leaders in the company,his sweater hoodies from the limited edition of the Aungcrown.In March, we will have more discounts for customers, this is an opportunity that is not easy to miss, welcome to contact us custom your own sweater hoodies.