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    let's listen what our customers say about aungcrown-hats and clothes brand supplier

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on :2019-03-12
    As everyone knows, AungCrown, hats and clothes brand supplier, focus on designing, producing and selling all kinds of hats and clothes.Presently 80% of our products are far exported to Europe, America, and have enjoyed great reputation from our customers. After the customer receives the product, To better to cooperate in the future BRAND development, AungCrown regularly organizes the visit and inspection for the product quality and other service, asking for the customer's opinions and collecting the feedback information of quality.Customers can sincerely write down their opinions, because it would be the huge power what can push us go ahead.

    Today the customer we return visit is Jeffrey strauss, His 50 pcs acrylic flexfit snapback hats arrived in the America on February 26, 2019.
    John, the most Professional sales manager,have many years sale experience and are very familiar with hat profession.
    Now, Let's take a look at the relevant content of this return visit.I am sure will give you more surprises.

    1:John:How is your first impression of our reply of your inquiry?(what attracted you are)
    Jeffrey strauss:you have been very professional and the pictures and quality of your material are what attracted me.
    2:John:How you think about our communication?
    Jeffrey strauss:communication is excellent.
    3:John:How do you think about the service we provided during the production in processing and after the production is finished?
    Jeffrey strauss:excellt service during and after production. The hats are excellent quality and you kept me informed through the whole process.
    4:John:Do you think what more we can help you in the future development? Have you ever thought about making clothes?
    Jeffrey strauss:absolutely, and yes, i currently make clothes and am still looking for a partner!and I believe aungcrown is my best partner.

    As you can see,from product quality to after-sales service, Jeffrey strauss is very satisfied.We will have more cooperation later. and In March, AungCrown, hats and clothes brand supplier will have more discounts for customers, this is an opportunity that is not easy to miss, welcome to contact us custom your own caps and clothes.