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    most popular hairstyle illustration,right hat hair

    pearl www.wholesaler-hats.com 2014-12-29 14:00:53

    most popular hairstyle illustration,right hat hair

      Cold autumn winter season, many fashionable girls in order to keep warm, always have to choose thick and the same clothes, whether you are also trouble because of hide your own personality ?Now the girls not only want to warm, but also need beautiful!But we are always in some cases, it is not enough time to do hair, beautiful girls would remember to put on a  hat to decorate perfect hairstyle?Or  you plan to have a seaside holiday in the country, but was plagued by his messy hair, what should you do? Today let us  introduce a few fashion hat hair,  you also make a  beauty hairstyle quickly.

      This year will be end soon,, and no matter clothes or hairstyle will have some change in the new year.So what’s the most popular hairstyle in 2012?Curly hair?Straight hair?Which style hair are suitable for hats?You will become more fashion with hat in winter.Peach girl reveal the most popular hairstyle.In the winter you must be become fashionable girl and also prepare for  next year!

    The most popular hairstyle

    Beanie hat +double curl hair

        What is the most popular hairstyle ? Long curl hair,up is a double  ponytail, match with beanie hat .Double ponytail is the symbol of young and lovely..Overall design is very young and lovely.

    The most popular hairstyle

    Baseball hat/bucket hat +carve curly hair

      Have a popular sentence says: beauty is in the points, points in is beauty.Right! middle hair style is always very fashionable.Points in long curl hair match with a baseball hat has another fashionable feeling , which is also one of the most popular hairstyle in 2012.

    Beanie hat + long rinka haircut

              Long rinka haircut is very popular .Its one of the most popular hairstyle in 2012.You must need to try this style hair if you are not young now, very young and cute.

    Pooh hat + spiral curls hair

      If you are a naught girl, this style spiral curls hair with pooh hat is suitable for you. It can protect your ears and very cute in winter.Spiral curls hair has the feeling of romantic !

    The most popular hairstyle

    Colorful hat + yellow curls hair

     b Whole head is the symbol of color, hat color looks like mass but still have a good shape, and curls hair make color more shine,black glass frame add more deep feeling for complex color,  the overall look very young.