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    Single item matching recommended – bucket hat

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-07-20 11:02:42
    Bucket hat (embroidery beanie hat china ) as fashion items, natural fashion goers can not miss a single product, if a lot of people for the bucket's hat is poorly understood, and did not dare to try, try to find out the bucket cap collocation selection.

    This gives people the feeling bucket hat (custom bucket hats no minimum) also seems to be built in "low profile" system, and the largest open mode or that is a people must lift your veil to see your face!

    There are, of course, some people who may have some doubts about the new money! But it's not difficult to build a bucket hat (custom bucket hats cheap), because you just have to control the color of your body so you can pair up! The simplest thing is that the black wide fisherman's hat, coupled with all-black's technique, is both harmonious and mysterious, and it is the evolution of the "low-key mode 2"!

    If you really want to go to the outfit is safe, and the T-shirt collocation method is so simple in jeans, a wide brimmed bucket hat, carried out in accordance with the same color: Huai base pairing, all right! 

    If you are a street brand style, then the suit with a wide brim, fish cap can also be type, do not want! 


    If you master a little more, you can also use a semi formal dress with wide brimmed cap as a fish collocation, is also suit, but it changed T-shirt collocation and casual shoes, so also can mix and match different advanced beauty!