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    What kind of face does baseball cap fit?

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-07-19 22:04:34
    For fashion people, hats (baseball cap with logo) are also essential to match props. The famous fashion lady, Chanel, once said, "hat is the symbol of human civilization."". Chanel not only made the hat a new style, but also gave women a new spiritual level. But not every top hat is good for you. Choose a hat to match your face. In a word, the hat collocation can also become the modeling of how to use the punchline, hat has become fashionable outfit collocation and practical use. 

    Wearing a baseball cap (custom caps manufacturer china) visually shortens the length of your face, so if your face isn't tall enough and even belongs to babyface, then you can try other hats. Babyface wearing a baseball cap is easy to give a person with a pointed head and a greater sense of face. But if you are a long hair girl, you can also help in most of the hair covering at the cheek, and then the peak pressure in the forehead 2/3 position, so you put on a baseball cap looks Meng da. 

    If you want to say what a baseball cap(custom capsmanufacturer china) is most suitable for the face, in addition to all-match face and oval shaped face long oval face, is also very suitable oh. Baseball cap can not only modify your face shape, so that your face more three-dimensional sense, but also for you effectively reduce age, a second change Meng sister.