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    Love the fisherman hat, let you a little more handsome!

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-07-12 12:06:13
    The "Fisherman Hat" (custom bucket hats cheap ) this hat should not be strange, probably in a few years ago to turn off the red for a period of time, followed by another wave of popular and gradually drowned out, but from this year's Seoul fashion week off filming, can be found in "fisherman hat and red" seems to come back? But it is not only popular fisherman hat (china cap and hat wholesales ) this money, because look carefully will find the fashion popular this year in front of a few years of some different styles, because this year is a red "super wide brimmed" Fisherman's hat design!

    In fact, as early as hiphop or rap world, fisherman hat (custom snapback maker china ) is a classic single product, wear with a celebrity, along with the evolution of fashion waves over, fisherman hat is no stranger to the options, so small it no more about the fisherman hat single product design and so on the long history and high!

    In fact, when it comes to fish cap is popular, as early as a few years ago it has gradually fever, until this year through the Fashion Week Street can be found on the outside of this year is also a feature of the regression, is a "super wide eaves" it is also undeniable, by Korean fashion king GD interpretation. The depth of lengthened, widened again from peak trend!