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    A baseball cap on teach you to become a fashion Master

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-07-19
    Hat is many pop stars and fashion Master street style weapon, whether it is big hat (mans floral print hat supplier ), flat cap or small hat, knitted caps, can make you the minute lights up. Many girls love baseball caps, because after you wear it, no matter how ordinary you are, you are labeled as "fashion man". So the question is, what is the baseball cap on? What face is suitable for what way? 

    All kinds of baseball caps (baseball cap with logo) are dazzling. Hip hop styles in Europe and America can not be separated from baseball caps. For South Korea, baseball caps are also a must. Want to keep up with the trend of street boys, there must be a stylish personality baseball cap...... 

    A baseball cap on - Qi Liu Qi Liu Haidai: face baseball cap on the hat is very cute, if it is long hair can be casual, hat in 1/3 forehead gland, to thick Qi Liu Hailu, do not press the bangs, because that would be very ugly. 

    A baseball cap on -- in a baseball cap (custom caps manufacturer china ) on face: oval face is a good face, but when wearing a baseball cap, easily face significantly too long, so a need to hold down a bit, this can show the chin and nose more stereo, also comes with a sense of mystery.