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    Summer's must-have equipment is a hat, let us spend the beautiful

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-08-16
    If it's a hot person, it's easy to sweat as soon as it's summer, but it's also a summer person. As summer comes, you can wear a T-shirt and skirt that will show you the body, but you'll worry about getting sunburned, so you put on a hat (beanie hat with custom label china). 

    Type 1: Fisherman's cap
    It's a soft polyester 190T hat. The edge is narrow and small, and can be covered deeply. It is a hat class with the same styles as men and women. Unlike the baseball cap, the fisherman's cap (custom bucket hats no minimum) has a long, prominent edge, with only a slightly trapezoidal edge of the sun. With a small bag so that people can be conveniently folded into a small bag, let people not to wear a hat in summer. 

    Type two: baseball cap
    It is called baseball cap, which is mainly popular in the United states. Baseball is very popular in the United States, and most of the defensive team players wear a baseball cap (american baseball flat caps), so many fans wear their favorite caps. It's more than baseball caps after all. Nowadays, baseball caps of all styles and brands are very popular all over the world. 

    Type three: straw hat
    The utility model has the advantages of sunshade and rainproof, and is suitable for people to travel and go to and from work. It is an ideal Beach Hat for sun shading. The hat is especially suitable for large 16CM in the summer to block direct sunlight to prevent sunburn. Comparable to the shade of umbrellas! Wire shaping can be freely style big straw hat. The hat can be optionally folded, easy to carry! Hat the place a metal wire can bend in any other. Radiation protection against sunburn.