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    Best supporting actor, 3 hats that you must have in your life

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-08-15 12:28:22
    The best hat should be both beautiful and practical, but also in the warm sun and make you look out of the ordinary, it is you love the contour and all your favorite details, different styles of the myriads of changes, it can give you a low-key gentle, straightforward chic, can let you Wu Mei sexy, elegant, perhaps, it is that you must have a top hat. 

    Baseball cap 
    Like its name, baseball caps(baseball cap with logo) became popular in American baseball, and she represented a sporty, dashing style. Wearing sportswear and sneakers, coupled with a baseball cap, will definitely make your overall look more complete. 

    Woolen hat (jacquard knitted hats china)
    Lovely hat, like a witch's magic hat brim, just not so wide. The trend of this woolen sweater came from Japan and Korea, and then became unmanageable. It made the mushroom cool and cute, playful and colorful, which added a lot of new pleasure to the fashion of autumn and winter. 

    Fisherman hat
    This kind of hat is narrow and small, and can be covered deeply. It is a hat class with the same styles as men and women. Unlike the baseball cap, the fisherman's cap (custom bucket hats no minimum) has a long, prominent edge, with only a slightly trapezoidal edge of the sun. In addition to the usual polyester texture, there are now other woolen hats, such as wool.