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    Winter is a hat control

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-12-21
    Although the finishing touches to superfluous only one step difference, but our love for accessories has never been compromised. Hat is the most influential winter accessories, cold warm, cool dress, hooded design allows a little more warmth protection, but the hat as an independent role can not be ignored. 

    As we grow older, we seldom try out maverick styles, and the choice of hat is gradually decent. Knit is a very seasonal element, a simple thread coupled with pure color, gentle and graceful, add a little more wrinkle on an eye-catching logo. 

    When the hair is draped and the hat will cooperate to bring out the advantages of a small face, the hair tied up or the design of the most intimate. Streaks are not reconciled gray low-key, and we play hide and seek, want to use childhood innocence to make up for the indifference of winter indifference. With a good cap is definitely the finishing touch of the touch of the gods, and shawl long hair together outline only the oriental woman's melon face, there is a Western free and uninhibited. Brown was originally the most exotic colors, sequins collage in it, reflecting the warmth of the sun.   
    Fluffy is a winter patent, fluffy hat is the scene, if the snow is even more wonderful. Knitting pattern is too simple because fluffy feeling is too full, there is always something to foil in order to demonstrate the hat of the winter complex.