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    Go out in winter, the baby cap should be noted.

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-12-22
    In the cold winter, if the child is active outdoors, more heat will be dissipated from the head. If the head by the cold, ranging from the child dizzy, headache, or cause scalp nutrition and circulatory disorders and hair follicle metabolic disorders, severe may also lead to colds, Kouyanwaixie.
    Clinical studies have confirmed that children wearing hats in winter have a significantly lower risk of respiratory diseases such as cold. Not only that, the hat can protect the scalp to prevent dust and microorganisms stick to the scalp, breeding bacteria, hurt the scalp health. 

    Therefore, it is especially important for children to wear a suitable hat during winter.

    Meet 5:00 is considered a good hat Which environment must wear a cap? Indoor: Low ambient temperatures Outdoor: Windy, cold season Cause: In most cases, children are not required to wear caps in the room unless the room temperature is very low. Wear a cap under low temperature environment, mainly to keep warm and warm. The wind and sand, cold outdoor environment, wearing a hat in addition to keep warm in order to prevent the wind blowing children's head. 

    Buy a hat for children, do not recommend the election of the following three kinds: 

    Lace hat: If the hat with a longer rope, easy to wrap around the baby's neck caused by accidents. Hats with metal or clasp: Small parts may be easily ingested by the baby. Chemical fiber hat: chemical fiber, wool, animal fur and other materials may cause allergy hats; some artificial leather hat, poor ventilation, it is not recommended to buy. Hat with hat: According to the environment to wear a hat to children. For example, it is best to wear a hat with a hat when the sun is strong. In the rainy days of low temperatures, it is best to wear a cap without hat hat, it will not affect the child's sight.